Friday, June 17, 2005

What do you mean you voted for Bush?

A radically liberal person that I know and respect admitted to me yesterday that he had voted for none other than George W. Bush in 2004. After I spit up my Bushmills on the nearest Catholic priest, I said, "GOOD GOD MAN WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU? OH THE HUMANITY!" He calmly responded that he voted for Bush so that he would own all his miserable failures. If Kerry had defeated Bush he would have inherited a polarized debt laden country involved in an unwinnable war of choice. In short, 4 years of Rush Limbaugh and his evil minions endlessly screaming that if G.W. had stolen, er -- I mean been given -- another four years everything would be roses and champagne. Instead, six months into the first year of his second term he's going down like the Hindenberg. He's one of the biggest lame ducks ever, and when people finally get the courage to look the Downing Street memos straight in the eye, his inglorious hatchet job of a Presidency will come to its inevitable bloody conclusion. The rationalizations coming from the extreme right for their extreme failures are getting to be so comical that they're better than a Seinfeld marathon. I love to watch them squirm and I'm not afraid to admit it. They will say and do anything to convince themselves that they are right. They will ignore all facts and evidence. They will foam at the mouth. Rush will start injecting Oxycontin (again). Yes, the right wing circus will soon be packing up its freak show and moving on to the next unfortunate town. The reign of Delay and Hastert is coming to an end. Yes, my left wing registered "independent" friend did the right thing. Bush must now own up to his long and undistinguished list of miserable predictable failures, and the roving bands of blind fools who supported him and his junta will collapse under the weight of their own political delusions. Bring on the mid-term Congressional elections! The reckoning has arrived. It's payback time.


Greg Mills said...

Let's not get insane about this. As much as I and members of my pretend militia group are clamoring to throw the jackals out on both sides of the aisle, I doubt much is going to shift. People have lost faith in getting their voice heard. Both parties are stacked to the rafters with hacks and sub-normal. Both sides serve, in this order:

1. Party
2. Sponsors
3. Constituents
4. "The Flag"
5. The Consitution

Crackpot Press said...

Agreed. But I'm thinking more specifically of a Democrat majority in the Senate being able to recapture the Judiciary Committee so we can have some good old fashioned Downing Street Memo hearings. Let's boot this psyhcopath and his religious whacko supporters out of D.C. The rest will come later during a future chapter of history I like to call THE PURGE.