Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Iraq Concerned U.S. May Leave Too Soon

UNITED NATIONS - "Iraq's foreign minister said he's concerned the United States may pull out of the country before the army and police are ready to take responsibility for the nation's security."

And this year's wheat crop will be the best ever! The propoganda is getting to be so lame I can hardly stomach it. If you're going to rule by deception at least TRY. Let's see what we got here, shall we?

First, Iraq's foreign minister is one of our puppets. If we want him to dance, he will dance. If we want him to sing, he will sing. If we want him to issue absurd statements like the one above, he will do so. If he steps out of line, he will be removed and forgotten. That's realpolotik.

Second, it is clear that the United States is not ready to take responsibility for Iraq's security, or we wouldn't be involved in this "Vietnamization" redux in the first place. If the occupying army can't maintain security I don't see how anyone with half a brain can think that Iraq security forces can.

Third, Iraq security forces are operational for one reason and one reason only -- to keep American soliders away from the bullets. They are our cannon fodder. If we cared one iota about their fate we wouldn't be tossing them on to the front lines with poor training and inadequate equipment. We didn't care if they died by sanctions and we sure as hell don't care if they die by suicide bomber. We barely care about our own American troops.

Fourth, it is against the teachings of the Islamic faith to accept an occupying army. Iraq's foreign minister lives in a U.S. sponsored security bubble. I doubt very highly that the "man on the street" is concerned that we will pull out too early.

Fifth, we're not leaving, and anybody who thinks we're leaving is a fool. And anyone who believes any statements suggesting that we're leaving, or that there are a set of conditions which, once met, will initiate a withdrawal is a fool. And anyone who believes we're there to promote "freedom" and "democracy" is a fool.

We're building massive permanent military bases. Those oil fields are ours. Iraq is our fifty-first state and will sit in the Middle East like an American Death Star until we've sucked every drop of black gold out of the desert. The delusional warmongers in Washington D.C. will send as many soldiers, like the one discussed in the post below, into the killing fields for as long as it takes to guarantee that their free market Empire remains afloat until that day.

Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari -- set your concern aside. We're not going anywhere. Unless, that is, we withdraw in defeat and disgrace like Israel from Lebanon or the former Soviet Union from Afghanistan. But that doesn't make very good propoganda does it?

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