Tuesday, June 14, 2005

U.S., Iraq Consider Amnesty for Insurgents

If that isn't an admission of failure, than what is? Somebody who supported this ridiculous charade from the beginning, please tell me how, exactly, we should interpret the consideration of amnesty for the insurgents? Does this mean that the vacuous "flypaper" theory is over now? Isn't the latest moronic GOP talking point "We need to finish the job and not stay there one day more than we have to?" (That is just a lie as far as I'm concerned. I guess we will not stay there one more day than needed, except for all those troops in our PERMANENT military bases).

Please, I'd like just one pro-Iraq war person to step forward and explain to me how this isn't the most bungled military operation in U.S. history and please include explanations for 1. allowing weapons to be looted when we went in there to find weapons (I still can't write that with a straight keyboard) and 2. how giving "amnesty" to the insurgents is going to help. What makes our military leaders think that amnesty is going to make these people say, "You know what -- I just don't care anymore that I'm under occupation and that my entire family was blown up by a 'smart bomb.' Or that my entire country has been sold to Western business interests and the most I could ever hope to attain in the new Iraq is to be a slave for an international oil company. I guess I'll just turn myself in." I have a solution to the problem of the insurgents -- leave the country.



Billion Year Old Carbon said...

You know crackpot thats the whole thing, if everyone stops playing the left vs. right and if everyone fell silent and looked at the supporting documentation of the war it is clear that it would end in a week regardless of who's part was at the helm. The evidence is speaking for its self.

Crackpot Press said...

The most important thing when discussing this war, whether for or against it, is, as Robert McNamara says in FOG OF WAR, "Know your enemy." I never considered Iraq our "enemy" as we were the country that put Saddam in power (Kennedy) and kept him there (Reagan) until he threatened our cheap oil (Bush Sr). Now, however, we have made them our enemy (Bush Jr) and we need to understand and think about this debacle from their perspective. When you consider that perspective and translate it to your own circumstances (i.e. imagining your town is under occupation by a foreign army, you have 4 hours of electricity a day, your not safe, etc) we will realize that this is an unwinnable quagmire. I suggest reading the BAGHDAD BURNING blog by Riverbend to achieve this end. Beneath all the rhetroic and flag waving there are very real people just like you and me suffering for no good reason at all.