Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty

Once again we learn that if you are rich/famous/or politically powerful in America you will suffer no consequences for anything you do. You can cheat, lie, steal, murder, molest, con, or whatever else you like and there will be no repercussions of any sort. It doesn't matter what you do or how many people you affect. You will get off Scot free.

Molest multiple children? NOT GUILTY.
Murder your ex-wife and her friend? NOT GUILTY.
Murder your ex-wife in her car? NOT GUILTY.
Cook the books? NOT GUILTY.
Lie your country into an illegal war? NOT GUILTY.
Lie to Congress? NOT GUILTY.
Lie to the U.N.? NOT GUILTY.
Abu Gharib? NOT GUILTY.
If Saddam Hussein was American there is 0% chance he would be found guilty.

However, if you are dying of cancer and smoke pot prepare to be found guilty. A nation of laws my ass.


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Crackpot Press said...

Hey, hey Giles, you are out of line.

We got that chick with the cooking and gardening show.