Thursday, June 09, 2005

What did he say?

"That's the issue before us. And that is whether or not we use taxpayers' money to destroy life..."

-- George W Bush

Only in the cesspool that is the conservative mind can you make statements like the one above regarding stem cell research, while spending 47% of the world's military expenditures in 2004 ($455 billion out of $1.04 trillion), while actively engaged in wars in Afghanistan & Iraq, coup d'etats or coup d'etat attempts in Haiti and Argentina, working on new "bunker buster" nuclear weapons, and figuring out a way to militarize space. All with taxpayer money.

Conservatives are the first to get all red and puffy in the face over welfare queens (remember that Reagan gem?). Welfare queens in Cadillacs! They just can't believe THEIR taxpayer money goes to some woman driving a Cadillac! But nothing on the absurd amounts of money we spend building weapons or give out to multi-billion dollar corporations. If, and that's a big if, the human race survives the 21st Century American slaughterhouse historians will scratch their heads and wonder how we ever made it.

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