Friday, June 17, 2005

The Light at the End of the Tunnel


Ooops! Bad choice of words. Code name changed for better PR:

March 2003
April 2003 - End of Major Combat Operations -- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
May 2003
Operation Planet X
June 2003
Operation Peninsula Strike
Operation Desert Scorpion
Operation Scorpion Sting
Operation Spartan Scorpion
Operation Rifles Scorpion
Operation Sidewinder
July 2003 - Saddam Hussein's sons are killed
July 2003
Operation Soda Mountain
Operation Ivy Serprent
Operation Iron Bullet
Operation Tyr
August 2003
Operation Ivy Lightning
Operation Silverado
Operation Ivy Needle
September 2003
Operation Longstreet
Operation Tiger Clean Sweep
October 2003
Operation Industrial Sweep
Operation Chamberlian
Operation Sweeney
Operation O.K. Corral
November 2003
Operation Iron Hammer
Operation Eagle Curtain
Operation All American Tiger
Operation Ivy Cyclone
Operation Ivy Cyclone II
Operation Boothill
Operation Rifles Blitz
Operation Rifle Sweep
December 2003 - Saddam Hussein is captured
December 2003
Operation Bayonet Lightning
Operation Bulldog Mammoth
Operation Clear Area
Operaton Abilene
Operation Panther Squeeze
Operation Red Dawn
Operation Panther Backroads
Operation Ivy Blizzard
Operation Arrowhead Blizzard
Operation Iron Justice
Operation Rifles Fury
Operation Salm
Operation Devil Siphon
Operation Iron Grip
Operation Iron Force
Operation Choke Hold
January 2004
Operation Warhorse Whirlwind
Operation Iron Resolved
Operation Market Sweep
Operation Saloono
Operation Rock Slide
Operation Final Cut
February 2004
Operation Saber Turner II Operation Tomahawk
Operation Trailblazer
Operation Eagle Liberty 3
Operation Devil Clinch
Operation Rocketman
March 2004
Operation Iron Promise
Operation Shilleglah
Operation Devil Thrust
Operation Aloha
Opertion Centaur Rodeo
Operation Warrior
Operation Suicide Kings
Operaton Tiger Fury
April 2004
Operation Iron Saber
Operation Duke Fortitude
Operation Lancer Fury
Operation Lancer Lightning
Operation Vigilant Resolve
Operation Resolute Sword
Operation Danger Fortitude
Operation Rigger Sweeep
Operation Yellow Stone
May 2004
Operation Rapier Thurst
Operation Spring Clean-up
Operaton Striker Hurricane
Operation Wolfpack Crunch
Opearation Disarm
June 2004 - United States gives "sovereignty" back to Iraq
June 2004

Opertaion Giuliani
Operation Slim Shady
Operation Striker Tornado
Operation Rocketman III
Operation Dragon Victory
Operation Gimlet Crusader
July 2004
Operaion Gimlet Silent Sniper
Operation Outlaw Destroyer
Operation Haifa Street
Operation Mutual Security
Operation Tombstone Pile Driver
Operation Mayfield III
Operation Cobra Sweep
August 2004
Operation Showdown
Operation Grizzy Forced Entry
Operation Warrior Resolve
Operation Quarterhorse Rides
Operation Phantom Linebacker
Operation Cajun Mousetrap II
Operation Cajun Mousetrap III
Operation Iron Fury
Operation Iron Fury II
Operation Wolverine
Operation Clean Sweep
Operation True Grit
September 2004
Operation Black Typhoon
Operation Hurricane
Operation Hurricane II
Operation Iron Fist II
Operation Longhorn
October 2004
Operation Blue Tiger
Operation Baton Rogue
Operation Phantom Fury
Operation Bulldog
Operation Centaur Strike II
Operation Centaur Strike III
Operation Mandarin Squeeze
Operation Fallujah
Operation Dallas
November 2004
Operation al-Fajr (Dawn)/Phantom Fury (Fallujah)
Operation Plymouth Rock
Operation Tobruk
Operation Rock Bottom
December 2004
Operatoin Falcon Freedom
Operation Soprano Sunset
Operation Wonderland
Operation Powder River
Operation Triple Play
January 2005 - Iraqi Elections
January 2005

Operation Therapist
Operation Lanthonid
Operation Copperas Cove
Operation Checkmate
February 2004
Operation River Blitz
April 2004
Operation Fontana
May 2004
Operation Cobweb
Operation Matador
Operation Peninsula
Operation Squeeze Play
Operation Hudson
Operation New Market
Operation Lightning
June 2004
Operation Spear


Crackpot Press said...

Now that I think about it, perhaps we could sell some ad space to these Operations...might offset the cost.

Operation: NIGHT RAID 420
(Sponsored by RED BULL)
Operation: SHRIVELED TESTICLE (Sponsored by The Los Angeles Lakers)
Operation: BATMAN (Sponsored by Warner Brothers-- Batman in Theaters now!)
Operation: TOMNKATIE (Sponsored by "CAA and the War of the Worlds"
Operation: BREAKWIND (Sponsored by Miller High Life)
Operation: SMOKE EM OUT (Sponsored by Phillip Morris)


Crackpot Press said...

an d of course


Sponsored by Milton Bradley.

Greg Mills said...

Operation: Weezie
Operation: Alan Hale
Operation: I Tuck
Operation: Mr. Blackwell
Operation: Trannie Thunder
Operation: Corinthian Leather
Operation: Lawn Dart
Operation: Sandy Crack
Operation: Tiny Boat in a bottle
Operation: Deli Plate
Operation: DMV
Operation: Makes its own sauce!!!
Operation: Bouncin' and Behavin'
Operation: If erection is sustained for more than four hours, seek medical help

Operation: Melted On the Dash
Operation: Reg. US Pat. Off.
Operation: Lifestyle Alternative
Operation: Flaccid Cob
Operation: Attracts Rats
Operation: Poo Dollar
Operation: Poo in a buring paper bag
Operation: Baby's arm holding an apple
Operation: 40 Acres and 400 lbs of Napalm
Operation: I told you I wanted the goddamn SHRIMP SPECIAL