Sunday, April 30, 2006

Tony Snow vs. the Humanity Critic

One of my favorite Blogs is the Humanity Critic. While mostly dedicated to R&B and hip hop.. here is a recent post he did on TONY SNOW.

Nice work HC!


Saturday, April 29, 2006

United 93

I don't want to spoil too much, but this is fantastic flick.

I have always had a strange connection emotionally to Flight 93. Mostly because Todd Beamer ("Let's Roll!") was about my age and had lived in the suburb next to mine.

I had friends who escaped the WTC that day, but Beamer, a guy I have never met, really has stuck with me.

Shot in an underplayed, non-glamorous, grainy documentary fashion (in fact, most characters aren't even given a name or a history) this flick is not about Hollywooding the events of 9-11.

I felt like I was on this plane. It was a rare, honest cinematic experience. In fact, I was so sucked in that I didn't even realize that former client of mine played Todd Beamer (David Alan Basche). He was someone I used to talk to daily, in fact when I gave up on Hollywood and moved to San Francisco he gave me a set of "Stork Club" fridge magnets, that are still up.

Often in flicks when the clock is ticking, there is a speech of some sort. I was waiting for a monologue of the now famous phone call to Beamer's wife ending with the heroic statement "Let's ROLL!"

This is not what happens. In times of crisis, there is no time for dramatics. You act.
The famous line glamourized by our President (who didn't realize the immediacy of the situation) is barely audible. It was simply nearly real time telling of people in crisis.

While, the president and vice-president are referred to only once... their actions of that day kept cycling through my head.

I remember looking at the TV at 7:30 pm PST that evening and wondering where the hell he was.

He was hiding.

Our president is our leader, he is supposed to be the best of the bunch. When a bunch of "average Americans" can show greater courage in a crisis, there is a problem.

Our president was a coward that day. The Americans stood up.

United 93 pays the respect to those who deserve it.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The New Howard Beale?

Okay here is one pissed off cat from Brooklyn.

I also understand he can get you tickets for stuff.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I cant even spell Clavicle

I broke my clavicle or collar bone. I am now the one armed blogger for a while.

I was fighting CPG on going to the hospital... The ER moves slowly at midnight on friday...Im tired and in pain and just want to home.

She looks me in the eye and says defiantly "No! I AM THE DECIDER!!!!"

and you really just can't argue with that.

Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh has been kind enough to do a re-anactment of how I how I broke it.

Just imagine the sand is concrete and a wrought iron table.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Im not one to start a blog war BUT!

There is no love for the Crackpot Press.

My service provider (Netfirms) has really pissed me off. They have selected "Anna in San Francisco" as their Site of the week. Usually they have a lot folks who are more talented than me showing off whatever hot sauce they are pitching.

But no... now they have this travel blog "Anna in San Francisco" which is pure crap!

First of all, she shows all the CRAPPY places to visit in San Francisco... and her Chow Chow is most likely crappin Chow Chow dog crap all over it. She shows Fort Mason, where I went to once for a wine tasting and Coit Tower and lo and behold NOT ONE TENDERLOIN DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT!!! No Willie Mays hotlink to be found!

Give that fire on a bun to poochie!

There is nothing interesting or fun about this site. She makes San Francisco look TOTALLY .. well... er GAY!

If you want cool things to do in the city... check out this TRAVELOGUE OF BERKELY.

Or I am just a bitter, jealous man.

Scotty Surrenders.

Ever have a frustrating job where you get you kicked in the nads every single day and not one fricking ounce of gratitude?

C-YA Sucker!

In honor of this day , I give you SCOTT MCCLELLAN'S GREATEST HIT!

Join Bill O'Reilly.

Yes, I really mean it. I have only agreed with Bill O'Reilly on one previous issue (Making Jessica's Law national) and it shocked me when something I strongly believe in was mentioned

The incredulous has happened. Bill O'Reilly has said what the President will not say.

On Fox!


Some folks say a free market enterprise is what built America. Oil Companies should be able to charge what they want. Well, not if it means handing all my cash over to someone who gets a $400 million bonus for gouging the American People. Another right wing argument is that the Environmentalists have shut down the Oil Company's ability to refine the oil properly. It's possible, but then the oil companies should just have to figure out a way to do it.

He also showed a clip of Bush saying that he's "looking in to it." We all know what that means.

We also all know that there is little we can do as far as a boycott of the oil industry. But could we pick just one and boycott them? Exxon has been a thorn in the side of the liberal community for quite some time. So why not pick on them? I wonder what Bill O'Reilly thinks of this idea.

Holy shit! Bill says "Boycott Exxon!!"

So I sincerely ask everyone to Join Bill and "Boycott Exxon"

- an Exxon Stockholder (as of this moment)

P.S. So I guess the real question here is who is getting soft? Me... or Bill?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Politics.

Some people have noticed a a departure from politics on my blog. This is a temporary phase and soon the langoriesque geniuos of my fertile political mind will drip, ah, but once again.

However, here is a fun car game for the kids. Most think of California as a Blue State, however during my lifetime we have had FAR MORE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS. Reagan, Duekmajin, Wilson, Arnold, etc. Cali flips and flops and kind is really a true sends a mixed message to folks. I think it's healthy. In fact, I think Gray Davis was a hack. Never inspired me once. He was a B-side.

On the car game. Hop into the car with some of your best buddies (oh and the kids, if need be) in Berkeley or Hollywood. Then drive somewhere; Modesto, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Newport... wherever..

It's better during an election year. But it's amazing on the drive as the Blue (and Green) bymper stickers turn into red.

There are a lot of people that don't live in your hometown.

Monday, April 17, 2006


So the gang at Crackpot Press has been invited down to blog live from the Booth for the Santa Barbara Open May 20th 1:00 PST. More details to follow as most of you will forget. Giles Weaver has packed up his best blue bannana hammock and is going for a wax. We even have a new site (still under construction)

Me-- Just doing a few sit ups and laying off the Fritos. We'll be doin some insta videos (in HD), some pictures and bringing the the top journalistic standard along with our classic blend of poor spelling and grammar... Stuff you can't see anywhere else

Fortunately the we will be exactly 100 feet away from the playing area, which will appease Ms. Rachel Wacholder's restraining order.

Way to go, Giles.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

An Easter Story

Amazing how God told this guy to chicken out.

Not enough lions...

Friday, April 14, 2006

Texas Vs. California

This post was inspired by Helen Wheels.

So I went and fell in love with Texas Girl.

UPDATE: I got my ass kicked first thing this morning by the forementioned Texas Girl for claiming that the Bush's were from Texas. They are from New England.

The California Texas rivalry is a dangerous thing. First of all California gave you Reagan and Nixon, Texas gave you the Bushes. So California has the edge on nicompoops (no shocker) that score is 15 to 10.

California has more Super Bowl Rings than Texas. California has more World Series Rings. Texas has no World Series rings.

Yet... the Cowboys get more airtime on Monday Night Football.

California has a bay. Texas has a Gulf.

Texas gets you to the stadium. My dad used to have a Chevron station on the way to the Oakland Stadium. Matuzak used to fill up there.

We ARE even on Kennedy assasinations.

Texas has Chaw. California has grass.

California has proud Homosexuals. Texas has Rodeo Clowns.

Texas has BBQ. California has lobster.

Texas has hot humid summers that get in your craw. California has sun that scramble your brains.

Texas has Lyle Lovett. California has Chris Isaak. And the Grateful Dead. And the Doors. And the Counting Crows.

California has porn. Texas has swingers.

Texas has Haliburton. California has Sun Microsystems-- Who would be corrupt if they would can the attitude and grow a pair.

Texas has cheerleaders and wide open spaces. California has crowded freeways and that slut at the Starbucks.

Texas has twang. California has "whatever'

Texas has hot sauce. California has a store at the Farmer's Market that sells it.

California invented the Rose Bowl. Texas won it.

People live in Texas. People move to California.

Texans have spurs. Californians have nipple rings.

California has Jerry Rice. Texas has Troy Aikman.. who went to UCLA.

Love is a funky ass fate.

The UTA joblist is gonna get HUGE!

Man, that poor Mike Ovitz just can't get a break.

Guess this all makes up foir the millions he got for trying to drive a company into the ground.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Plimpton Project

The good news of the day is that the Plimpton Project site was just
nominated for a Webby. Excellent stuff, go to the site when you get a
chance and vote. It's going to be tough and possibly impossible, because
we're up against Deadheads and Harry Potter fanatics, but we're giving it
a shot.

We're in the "celebrity/fan" section.

and if you DO feel like votin',

early and often.

Crackpot Press is not affiliated with the Plimpton Project, in fact I didn't even write the above. But we really like it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fuck with my politics. Don't Fuck with My Baseball

I have often joked with CPG and Flysh

"Man... that A-rod..worth every penny."

He choked at 2 for 16 in the last post season. You could pay me millions to suck that bad. You could pay me 20 bucks to suck this bad.

here's a guy who sucks more than A-Rod. Yorick with a mitt. Yorick was no friend of mine.

Probably a New England Texan talked him into it, who also claims he can fly a plane.

and we pay him every two weeks.

This article doesn't mention that it "bounced" before it got to home plate.

Don't fuck with my paycheck and throw like a girl.

Earn my check.

Two women facing their own mor-tail-ity.

I stumbled across this My Space Blog. You may need a password, so email me at if you need one. My time is limited these days so I will get back to you when I can.

I think it's supposed to be a celebration of life type thing.

Now as someone who is beyond their club hopping years, their honky tonking and tomkatting years (occasionaly I pretend I am still hip... and end up in bed before 10:45) these two hit me as an interesting photo essay of the tragedy of the "fabulous" single woman.

These are two attractive women, who can't find a man in an LA bar. At least one who will dance with them and have their picture taken. They look great. Obviously their choice of beverage (Long Island Iced Tea in a quart bottle) and locale (the Saddle Ranch on Sunset) show a certain immorality that all men drinking at the Saddle Ranch could appreciate from women dressed in Sunset Savoir Faire. LA is no place to be 23. The next ten years go very fast.

So why are these Sherman Oakers alone?

Must be the Sherman Oaks part.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006


I got to go to something very cool last night.

The WGA put together their list of 101 Best Screenplays and had an event to announce it.

I met CPG (who was looking stunning) in front of the Beverly Hills Union and walked down the short red carpet. The problem with writers is that few of us know what they look like. Sure their pictures maybe be on the HuffPo from time to time. For the most part we don't know what they look like. Harry Shearer hosted and at the cocktail and app reception, I was looking around for familiar faces from my past career and saw none. Until CPG asked for a Kir Royale at the bar and over her the left shoulder of her cocktail dress was "The Man."

Not "The Man" because he is a great writer. He wrote several great screenplays that most forget he was the writer. HE got slammed for his writing later in life, but still gives every Gen-X male pause.

George Lucas was four feet away. Then CPG grabs my arm and geeks out a bit later. It's BUCK HENRY! Another "first" great writer and influence of my childhood. One 10 year old kid had never ridden his bike so fast to get home to watch "Get Smart." I am not a big fan of self-congratulatory "lists" For my money, my lists are just as good as anyone else's. But with a few exceptions this one one mirrored my own tastes.. For example "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" made the top ten. Go to your library, used bookstore or E-Bay and I am sure
you can find the screenplay and of all the screenplays ever written, it follows the writer to the most minute detail. Sure the movie is driven on the charisma of the two lead actors, but there is NO Ad-Libbing.

I gotta go cook the hardest working woman in show business, CPG, dinner... more on this later.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

California Dreaming

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray"

Ah, the lament of those who don't live in California. That opening lyric makes me feel like I am alone peering through an Joliet window, cutting up my cell mate for firewood.

BUT yesterday , the leaves were brown and the sky was gray, here in the City of Angels. I was in the middle of that upward razor climb of the being the new guy at work. And yes, what a climb it is.

But today was actually a pretty good day. I manage to only put in Nine and half hours.
London Broil (currently basted and on the Forman Grill), Avocados and tomatos were all on sale at the grocery store and "The Amazing Race" is on at a special time tonight 8:00. (God Bless my five minute commute!!)

Regardless that CPG is off working her ass off (GO! Baby! GO!) towards her yearly monster event I am in a pretty good mood. But I will see her for a fun gussyupp thing at the WGA tomorrow night. Maybe even some "groovy"

And then I open my mailbox (no bills...excellent!) and I have "it"

My b-list girlfriend.. delivered to my home. The NEW DIG MAGAZINE is here with some of the best photography (and yes, reading) of any sports Magazine. Dig is also a smart zine as they don't spill their best stuff (or really ANY stuff) on their website. Subscribe!!! Do as I say!!

Yah get a free hat.. beats giving your cash to PBS

AH as Dig's Motto reads.

Beach. Volleyball. Life.

It's a good Wednesday night.

Oh and the "Mantra of the Week" comes from the above-mentioned CPG. I personally think Katie Couric is too cutesy for the evening news.


"Katie Couric is gonna hosting evening news? But.. she's a Tri-Delt!"

Be more than a pretty face. Back it up.

All the leaves are green and the sky is blue.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Ha-Ha !

So I guess the big question now is "Has Tom Delay put the 'DailyDelay' out of business?

Whadda an asshole!

Cosnidering the new gig is taking up quite a bit of time for now... it's nice the the Wapo will write stuff for me. Put in the meantime there is STUFF UP ON THE MAIN SITE!

And in that whadda kiss ass department.. John Boehner

"Simply put, Tom is one of the most effective and gifted leaders the Republican Party has ever known. He was a tireless advocate for his constituents, the state of Texas and all Americans who shared a commitment to the principles of smaller government, more freedom and family values," said Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, who succeeded DeLay as majority leader.

"The country owes Tom a great debt of gratitude for helping lead America in a new direction — a direction outlined in the Contract with America that saw balanced budgets, historic welfare reforms, lower taxes, regulatory relief and a renewed respect for the sanctity of life," Boehner said.

Oh here is Delay's election night statement. It was the LAST POST EVER ON HIS SITE.

My guess is you haven't had much to say since you were elected.

Houston, he don't think much of you either.

I have always placed my faith in the voters, and today's vote shows they have placed their full faith in me. This race was about who can effectively represent the values and the priorities of the people in this district, and I'm proud to have earned, and overwhelmingly kept, that trust among Republican voters. Not only did they reject the politics of personal destruction, but they strongly rejected the candidates who used those Democrat tactics as their platform. "Our volunteers and grassroots activists are just incredible and they worked diligently in neighborhoods around this district. I'm honored to have them stand with me as we prepare to defend this district from the funding and activism of America's most radical Democrats."

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Jill Hits back.

A statement regarding the claims of the right wing nutjob media.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Again.. kicked out the good hair club for men.

Below, please see my post on Jill Carroll.

Apparantly I did something very, very bad at They have blocked my ISP. It wasn't promotionally posting I just wanted folks to hear the WHOLE Story. And Hannity is such a sham, look at the banner ad.