Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Greatest American???

Oy, the American Public has cast their votes for the Discovery Channel's GREATEST AMERICAN. I didn't vote, so I am not allowed to bitch...

Wait, I'll do whatever I want!!!

How in the HELL does Reagan top Lincoln...

How the Hell does Bush make the top 10.

How the hell does Bush beat Elvis Presley?


Top 10 greatest Americans
1 Ronald Reagan
2 Abraham Lincoln
3 Martin Luther King
4 George Washington
5 Benjamin Franklin
6 George W Bush
7 Bill Clinton
8 Elvis Presley
9 Oprah Winfrey
10 Franklin D Roosevelt


mike crackpot said...

I didn't watch it. Hell, I didn't even hear of it. But now that you read the list, I'm glad I missed it.

Crackpot Press said...

Ralph Nader didn't make the cut.

Greg Mills said...

Jesus, I weep for our country.

mike crackpot said...

apparently, to make the cut, you gotta be a president, or black, or the king of rock n roll.

Anonymous said...

Jesus weeps for our country, too. Who would you have had on the list? Michael Moore? Barbra Striesand? Maybe Sean Penn. SAD SAD SAD. What a bunch of pathetic whiners are the liberal democrats of this country.