Friday, June 17, 2005

Let it go

Until Jesus Chirst himself descends from the heavens and tells the "culture of life" people to shut the hell up or he'll personally escort them to Circle Nine, they are just not going to let this die (yes, I chose that word on purpose). Here is the headline:

Probe Sought in Terri Schiavo 911 Call

Who is doing the probing? Why none other than Jeb "I'm Supposed to be President, Not Him" Bush. I don't want to be distasteful here, but I think Jeb has an unhealthy obsession with Terri bordering on necrophilia. Read this idiocy and weep for the future of Florida.

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Crackpot Press said...

Well now that Michael Jackson is over we did need something to distract the public from the DSM, the war, etc.