Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Happy Father's Day Boycott Ross

I am boycotting Ross.

I don't go there that much anyways, but they do have good deals on sneakers. I also got my laundry hamper there.

In any case, their new Father's Day campaign is CRAP! It is also strangely true.

It shows a Dad and his family playing around the pool and they are showing all these great things that you can get at Ross. You know the campaign- you can five things at Ross that would cost the same as one thing at Department Store.

The closing line "Dad will love his new stuff... ESPECIALLY WHEN HE GETS THE BILL!" inferring that you should charge all of Dad's new gifts on his Credit card.


Where's the breakfast in Bed like we did for Mother's Day?
How about a massage for Dad?
How about leaving Dad alone in a room with a six pack of beer, a large stack of Mad Magazines, 2 42" Plasmas armed with a PS2 and all the shows I have been wanting watch from the TiVo, but somehow "American Idol" and "Desperate Housewives" always seem to take precedence.

C'mon take care of Dad, he takes care of you.

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