Tuesday, June 07, 2005

$1000 Reward For Getting Bush to Answer Downing Street Minutes

From Moxiegrrl:

On Friday we asked the members of Democrats.com to support our campaign to demand a
Congressional investigation of Bush's Iraq War lies, as exposed by the Downing Street Minutes.Thanks to the generosity of our members, we raised nearly $1,000 in one day!We are therefore offering a REWARD OF $1,000 to anyone who can get George W. Bush to answer this question:

In July 2002, did you and your administration "fix" the intelligence and facts about non-existent Iraqi WMD's and ties to terrorism - which were disputed by U.S. intelligence officials - to sell your decision to invade Iraq to Congress, the American people, and the world - as quoted in the Downing Street Minutes?

Here are the rules:* If you get a YES or NO answer from George W. Bush to this question, you will win a reward of $1000*

If you get a substantive answer from Mr. Bush to this question that does not include a clear YES or NO, you will win a reward of $500*

If you pose the question directly to Mr. Bush in public, and have video proof that he heard the question, and he does not answer the question at all, you will win a reward of $100*

This contest is open to everyone in the world - a journalist, blogger, politician, adult, or student, either American or not* The reward is payable upon uploading the video, audio, or signed letter in as an attachment in a reply to this blog entry*

To qualify for the reward, you must join this community with your real name and mailing address. (Your login does not have to include your name.) Rewards will be sent to this name and address.* The uploaded video, audio, or signed letter becomes the exclusive property of Democrats.com* The contest ends after the first confirmed YES/NO answer

So get out those cameras!

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