Friday, April 29, 2005

Am I being a hypocrite

for Judging Jeff Gannot Guckert, a former male prositute that rose to ranks of the White House PRess Corp. He was allowed to come and go in the White House as he pleased regardless if there press briefing that day or not.

I suddenly thought of something.

A hooker with a heart of gold, meets a heartless man of wealth influence and power. He shows the hooker a life previously intangible, the hooker shows him how to laugh and lighten up.
The hooker's true identity is revealed and the scandal threatens to take down his empire.
Now if we could just get Vin Disel to play the Julia Roberts part we'd have Pretty Woman 2!

Everyone loves "Pretty Woman"

Thursday, April 28, 2005


With everyone talking about the press, has anyone gone to

I can't figure out if it is real or a parodoy site.

The guy actually puts up all the links of people skewering him. He makes no commentary whatsoever and then puts questions he would ask if he where still allowed in the White House on the sidebar. THen he tells you if anyone asked the question.

The questions are TERRIBLE. And not Terrible in the Standard "Republicans say Outrageous nonsensical things," like terrible "you could pick out a high school freshman who cold come up with better questions."

For Example: "Why wasn't Gerald Ford invited to come to the Pope's funeral?"

Well duh he's 91 and in ill health. I would think someone in the Press Corp would know that.

But he also has a pay pal account so you can give him money. Money for what?

It 's in this weird gray area. I can't tell if it is parody or not.

Let me know what you think.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Political Chat Rooms

Dear Greg:

Out of sheer boredom, I have been visiting chat rooms. People are really angry, what do you think?

Dear Dave:

Political chat rooms! That way lies madness, myfriend! >People suck. Conventional wisdom is always comfortable and self serving. And in that environment Conventional> Wisdom is in this insane feedback loop, spinning in tighter coil until the whole thing gets sucked up into> the Collective Asshole. The Collective Prostate is then stimulated and soon the pleasure centers are> flooded, so now the Collective Mind associates comparing moderates to Nazi Fascist Communists with a warm squeeze of the prostate. You can't win.


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Access Granted

Maybe I was wrong, my comments of logical debate were allowed.

Way to go guys!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wow, this was weird.

So I consider myself a pretty level headed moderate Independent. Sure I lean to the left on Stem Cell Research, Pro-Choice, Civil Rights for Gays, and in general keeping your nose outta my beeswax, but I lean to the right on Taxes, the Death Penalty and even bought the argument for going to war for a while.

So I like to visit both left and right blogs. Man, there are a lot of pissed off people out there. I went to where there was a thread about John Bolton and my opinion is "There has to be someone in the Republican Party better than this guy Dont Hate him, don't like him, never met him. But if there is this much division, perhaps Larry Flint might be less contreversial (sp?) choice.

However, with all these staged readings that are the Bush Town Hall Meetings (which I am paying for...frankly I would rather have my tax bucks going to something paying soldiers a decent wage, I think my barista makes more) I was shocked to get this response from my very insightful discussion provoking comments.

Thank You for Commenting

Your comment has been received. To protect against malicious comments, we have enabled a feature that allows your comments to be held for approval the first time you post a comment. I'll approve your comment when convenient; there is no need to re-post your comment.

Return to the comment page

That's not a blog. A blog is for insiteful conversation like a town hall meeting.

God I want to understand these people. But they have applied the concept of "with us or against us " to a whole new level.

Perhaps they want to review my office, I do have a bumper sticker up that says "I would fight for Hippie Chicks"

I that so wrong?


Thursday, April 14, 2005

HST Quotes

I just read the "final interview" of HST in Playboy. It's not so much an interview than a series of quotes from an interview.

You should really pick it up, it's some of his best stuff ever.

You should really risk getting "cut off" (whatever "cut off" means in your household) because your copy of Playboy blocked the view of Brad Pitt's abs on the People Magazine on the coffee table.

Here are some of the Hunter Thompson's "TIPS"

"When you push a car off of a cliff and blow it up, be sure to roll the windows down to avoid shrapnel. Also, strip the license plate so you're not billed for cleanup"

"It's extremely bad karma to brag about the things you have gotten away with. You will get what's coming to you."

"That old thing about 'This kid has a lot of potential' will take you a long way. But eventually it has to pay off. Potential will run out-- and it can run out suddenly"

"In the end, it's not so much about how to succeed in life as it is how you survive the life you have chosen"

"You should always be looking around for good friends because they really dress up your life later on"


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

New visitor in the Malibu Hot Tub

There is a some new folks coming to Barbie's Dreamhouse.

But will he condone or condemn Ken's upcoming "alternative marriage"

All the makings of a delicious new UPN Reality show.

Jesus, the talking doll version

One2Believe will begin selling talking Jesus, left, and Moses dolls in May.

A talking Jesus doll is due to go on sale in May, along with
versions of Moses, the Virgin Mary and David, as a teddy
bear maker tries to find a market with churches and religious families.
The foot-tall Jesus doll will be able to recite five Biblical verses
at the push of button on its back, while the Moses doll will
recite the Ten Commandments. The Mary doll will
recite a long Bible verse.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Your mother...

Wow ! This is an oldie but goodies...The costume desinger is a genius!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Rep. Shays!

Is the next Recipient of the "Crackpot Press Class Act" Award.

Check out why at

Saturday, April 09, 2005


A Buddy of mine said "Motorhead is playing" we gotta check em out...

$99 to get a bullshit seat at Motorhead.

Okay so Tickets to a show plus Ticket Master charge:


$120 that's a lotta cash for a show.

I've seen them all...for $40 or less... and they give $120 worth of performance

The Who
James Brown (but I saw it for free)
Jazz Butcher
Chilli Peppers
and a whole lot of Grateful Dead....

The only person I would pay $120 to see...

Billy Joel...

Why? The man loves the music.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Portrait of the Artist as a Horny Man.

These poor Mapplethorpes-in-the-making were cut down in their prime
before they could even muster up a rough sketch...
Tue Apr 5, 9:43 PM ET
BOISE, Idaho (Reuters) - An Idaho strip club that attempted to get around a
ban on full nudity by giving patrons sketch pads for special "art nights"
was cited for violating the city's nudity rules, officials say.
The citation was issued on Monday night to the Erotic City Gentleman's Club
in Boise, Idaho.
Boise allows full nudity for "serious artistic" expression only, so the clu
handed out pencils and sketch pads to patrons so they could sketch naked
A police spokeswoman said officials concluded, however, that patrons were
not focused on art, so officers cited three dancers for violations of the
city nudity ordinance. "The case is being reviewed by the Boise city
attorney for the possibility of future citations," said spokeswoman Lynn
Erotic City owner Chris Teague called the citations a violation of the civi
rights of the dancers, as well as an "insult to the patrons." But the club
would suspend 'art night' until the matter was settled in court

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Besides this is more my style anyways...


At first I thought this concept was harmless, but then....

** Alabama-based TV network reports popes death from Catholic perspective **Programming on the Alabama-based EWTN Global Catholic Network looks a lot likeregular cable TV for a change.

Do we really need this? Do we need another news/radio outlet that takes the minority opinion and flaunts it like they're in the majority? For what I understand, the vast majority of American Catholics don't agree with the Vaticans hard line stance on birth control, stem cell research, civil rights for gays and more recently Euthanasia. They respect the opinion but they do what is best for their health and community.

Is is time for another loudspeaker blaring fiction and calling it fact?

You can go to my site if you want that. And to date, not one person has been hurt by the writers of Crackpot Press...but give us a chance, we're new.

Friday, April 01, 2005

We answer to a higher cause!

Well rumors are abounding about that Terry Schiavo's (and her parents) Lawyer, Randall Terry (founder of the Terrorist Organization "Operation Resuce") got a lot of email during the last couple of weeks.

He put together an address book and has sold it to the Republican National Committee this week.

I knew their had to be a way to make a buck out of this!