Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mcain: It's YOUR Fault (but I helped)

Now according to Raw Story... MCain has blamed the housing fallout on people who overextended themselves. They didn't read the fine print.

Fair enough. I don't feel the need to bailout others for their own irresponsibility and sense of entitlement. This coming from a guy who at seventeen ended up getting his first notch in a bad credit report over $300 due to the Columbia Record and Tape Club. Then I did it again at 19.

However. (as was pointed out in in the FEBRUARY 2007 film MAXED OUT) once Enron went kaput... George Bush's #1 contributor was MBNA. Bush then let them run all hilly nilly unregulated. The Republican party rejected any kind of laws, for example lending money to the mentally disabled . As Bush has often said "I'm no Economist."

I truly believe that most Americans have forgotten about W. Compared to last year, most political blogs do very little coverage of him at all. Everyone seems very anxious to move on. Who can blame them? But we have to remember the lessons of George Bush.

Let's see how McCain looks on contributions from lenders! For the link weary here is the top 10.

1 Citigroup Inc (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions) $145,050
2 Blank Rome LLP – (attorneys) $141,400
3 Greenberg Traurig – (1750 lawyers) $129,987
4 Merrill Lynch (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions) $119,675
5 Goldman Sachs (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset questions)
6 IDT Corp – (telecommunications) $80,150
7 Pinnacle West Capital $77,850
8 Bank of New York Mellon (Subprime Scandal) $74,000
9 JP Morgan Chase & Co (Subprime Scandal) (Class 3 asset
questions) $72,100
10 Irvine Co Apartment Community $68,400

Almost all are lenders and these are the folks he will protect. So if you are indeed looking for some change... McCain is not your boy. He will continue to protect his top ten.

Are you in the top 10?

Then good for you.

Fucko. We need leadership that is smart... or at least concerned for your average day sucker.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Villa's Dirty Dirty past

There is a movie genre that we are all familiar with.

A flat chested ugly girl, inner beauty hidden under clunky metal braces, neckgear with Evil Kinevil glow-stripes, coveralls, enornmo- spectacles, a talent for clarinet and an overall clumsiness around the water fountain is beaten bloody by the popular girls. Until one day she grows tits, frees her pony tail, gets contacts, a single makeover, stars smoking cigarettes and drips dialogue like "Tell me about it.. .... Stud"

As a 10 year old boy.. I made Max Rosenthal stay for a second screening just to see Olivia Newton John lick her teeth, say that line, throw down that cigarette, and kick Travolta. Max's mom circled the block for two hours and I got a taste of the belt (or was it a Hot Wheel track?) but it was worth it. Sandy was mine.

And like dumbshit Danny Zucco, hungry for leather pants, we crawl the stairs to the shake shack and did it  ALL OVER AGAIN.

This is the story of Villa, the new LA hotspot. I knew Villa when it was just an ugly bespectaled sophomore. I was the best friend at the bike racks.

The REAL name of Villa is J.SLOANS. It was once the best bar in LA. Perhaps one of the only REAL bars in the West Hollywood area.  It was studded in a puke stained wood boothes, 25 cent Milwakee Beasts and HUGE 27" inch televisions viewable from every angle. It was a place where recent transplants could cut loose from the "is my hair slightly mussed" LA lifestlye and feel like themselves again.

A terrible D.J. was a permanent staple but we didn't care.. we were in just some phase of drunk and horny. We would find our Rythyms of the Night looking for a potential Love Shack while awaiting the 1:30 destiny of Marvin Gaye and a  last tequila shot.  There would always be one geek trying to get a gal's email address... whatever the hell that was...

Broken glass, tons of peanuts shells and the children of the Persian Mafia littered the floors. Yeah... good times. 

So in fact, it was a REAL bar once upon a time. One of the few I would take my grandfather to. It was a secret slum oasis for over stressed casting and talent assists, d-girls and boys looking for a break from the hipper than thou. The underpaid way to cut loose.

And now.. a few owners and a few makeovers later. This bar that onced mocked the hipper than thou is the hipper and thou. An invite only  TMZ stained joint. The "oh so pretty" 14th minuterers  need to get lost at the Skybar. If you're not on the cover of the Tabrag or merely a Defamer target you are banished to the Standard. If you are me.. you have El Guapo or the Village Idiot... just take your broke ass to other side of Crescent Heights pal.

Indeed my gal has forsaken me. She has grown up... new hair, new tits, new lips with a cigarette drawl. She has forgotten me.

But I know how this town works. There will be a snag such as  a health code violation or a young boy will be found dead while in the company of Ashton Kuschner. Hiding these little "realities" separate the great taverns from the bar du trend.

I guess the real question is will my girl come back to me or will she just remain being the new stuck up bitch?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I might be getting involved with a cult.

I got an friend invitation on my MySpace Page

It was from Wave: 11:11. When I joined I became the 6666th friend.. odd eh?

Well they didn't seem so bad... they have this groovy little hypno-icon... I was all cynical and shit... WHEN!

There was this new woman at my work. I thought she was kind of an ass kiss and WAY to self-important for a temp. As the only man in the department  there was suddenly this sistah- hood forming that I was not allowed to partake in. They would  go out fro wraps together while I sat alone in my cubicle with my tuna fish (the loneliest of meats) sandwich. I know they wold discuss and my apple round ass while splurging on a McFlurry.

This woman rubbed me wrong and would go through my stuff hunting for prizes and stuff. 

I do not like her. She is my Anti-Dave.

So she has a heart attack at the office, my boss took her to the hospital and I haven't seen her since.

I should feel terrible for her... but honestly I do not feel a thing. No remorse, no guilt, no pleasure... nothing.

Do I have a soul? Even the biggest scumwad would've yelped out a "Yippee!"

but nothing. I feel nothing. 

So these Wave people approach my for my friendship. they are all about love day on May 8th-ish-- who am I to say no? They have these ten intentions (which is three intentions less than most self-help programs... yes, I'm still listening) one of which is "synergy" which is lacking in most self-help programs and much more profitable. They also have a member named TARA , her wallpaper is waterfalls. 

I try to think of waterfalls when I can't sleep at night... they soothe me. Tara has a large tatoo on her shoulder which reminds me of a woman who once lost her soulless way and is now found.


You took notes on this, right?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why "W" will leave as Great a legacy as Reagan.

During the lovefest that was the Reagan Funeral, there were tons of accolades for old turkey necks major achievements.

Except one. This one Reagan legacy is something that effects millions around the globe and costs billions every year. Reagan chose to shove his nose in the Bible when AIDS first came on the scene.

Now George Bush has a chance to be a great as Reagan.

It seems as if 1 in 4 AMERICAN teen women have an STD.

They've both shown an overwhelming arrogance over their ignorance in how the body works. Bush, with his abstinence only program, continues to neglect an ongoing trend with the youth of today.

The youth of today (as they always have been) ARE HORNY! and real education is necessary.

I mean the "keep your knees together" philosophy works great... until you realize you keep them together over your head.. and graduate with honors from Chico state.

And, yes, this will be an expensive and deadly leagacy of ignorance.

Is it so hard for Bush to simply make one good desicion? Does King George understand WHY he making all these trips to Africa?


Reagan blew his time to act. Will Bush man up in time?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cheney to Bring on Da Smoove.

Well, it looks like Ducky Boy is sending in the adults.

With oil hitting $110 a barrell, Bush is sending Cheney to try an talk turkey with the Saudis.

Considering the Bush families long personal relationship with Saudis, why in the hell are they sending in possibly the worst person ever to negotiate? Is it his no-nonsense approach to direct lying that makes him the candidate. Or could it just be that the Saudi's are sucker for a mean old man with an Old Spice glow. For how long has the Bushco mentioned... "There is nothing we can do about gas prices!!" That is until it becomes a little too obvious that his legacy will be padding his friends wallets at the expense of the American People. Oops.. someone may get suspicous.

Isn't this something Bush should be dealing with on his own?

And the next question is.. "With Cheney's long history of selective facts and bold faced lies..why should we believe a word he says when he returns?"

Monday, March 10, 2008

High Crimes in Office Culture.

So a B-list (though A-list in his genre) actor came into my office the other day.

Now I mention his presence to one of my co-workers and without even batting an eyelesh she states "He is a HORRIBLE man"

I've been in this position before. I am ready to hear some starfucker story about how he wouldn't leave her alone at some Xmas party a while back.

"He steals lunches'

My normally chipper pollyanna had her teeth clenched and lasers were encompassing her once smoke green eyes.

"Excuse me?"

she said in a tone that implied that he probably laughed maniacally with his mouth full while he chawed away on a pilfered tuna sandwich and a single peanut butter stuffed celery stick.

I wasn't expecting that.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Why Today's Kids Are A Little Fucked Up

So I am in a McDonald's today. A father or four brings in the kids in.

They are all happy they are at Mcdonalds. Dad looks like he has had a long day. He ordered in Mexican for the kids and I assumed he didn't speak english...

But how much English do you really need to know to see that one of his children (perhaps 7 or so) was wearing a shirt with the following image.

What language do you not speak to get this.. I mean something inappropriate for a 7-sear old is going on.....

Friday, March 07, 2008

Mutherfuckin $3.69

For REGULAR! at three normally priced gas stations on the Westside!

$15 for quarter tank!

Ya know there used to be this REALLY staunch Repub in my old office 3 years ago, when the jackasses owned all three branches of governemnt. A good enough guy.

Who did he blame high gas prices on?

Environmentalists! Because we wouldn't let the gov build more refineries!

Now he REALLY buys into all that Male Victimization crap of the right wing.. and sometimes he has a point (divorce laws, for example)


My comeback was.. "Well you have all the big dick oil guys running the country.. why not change a few laws?"

His comeback was a quiet "I Don't Know"

"Jim, It's because they really don't care about you"

A new Post, really?

Yeah I think I am getting the urge for random daily thoughts.

I mean if Kvatch can do it... why not me?