Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Go Get 'Em Gordo!

Nixon aides condemn 'Deep Throat' for betrayal

Wed Jun 1, 6:23 AM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Aides to the late president Richard Nixon have said that former
FBI' name deputy director Mark Felt, unmasked as the anonymous Watergate source known as "Deep Throat," had breached professional ethics by leaking information.

G. Gordon Liddy, a Nixon operative who engineered the 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Campaign headquarters in the Watergate building in Washington, and served four and a half years in jail for it, said Wednesday that Felt "violated the ethics of the law enforcement profession."

"If he possessed evidence of wrongdoing, he was honor-bound to take that to a grand jury and secure an indictment, not to selectively leak it to a single news source," Liddy, now a popular conservative radio talk show host, told CNN television.

So Liddy is pissed off at the guy who put him jail? How bout that?

Read what he said again ""violated the ethics of the law enforcement profession."

Isnt a planned break in "violating the ethics of the law enforcement profession."

Just remember in his book "WILL" Liddy was left alone in a room with squealer John Dean. His intially thoughts were to take the sharpened pencil on the the desk shove it through the bottom of his chin and then scramble his brain with it.

Liddy..Super Cop!

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