Friday, June 24, 2005

Tonight at the Rite Aid- Elton John

Weird Shit happens at the Rite Aid, Studio City.

So I am on my way to the Rite Aid tonight to pick up a few things.

Elton John speeds into the parking lot I must cross to get there.

He is driving himself (weird huh?) in a red Oldsmobile Allura with a "My other Car is an Enterprise Rent A Car" plate.

I wave, he waves. It's raining men.

But this is the thing. I get my stuff at Rite Aid and outside of the store is the panhandler guy asking for money. He's a good kid I have given him a buck or too, he;s missing a foot. When I see him buying stuff in the Rite Aid it is always something sensible like Water or food or something.

Tonight he is wearing an IPOD!!! A good one, a top of the line one, with flashing lights one.

I dont have an IPOD.

Screw that guy! Not because of his newfound ownership. But because I can't respect terrible marketing like that.

Who wants to give money to a footless homeless guy that has an IPOD! (A Good one!)

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