Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This is a toughie

Because of the high Journalistic standards of CRACKPOT PRESS, we find it disturbing that these reporters can go to jail for not naming their sources. Sure, treason is involved and regardless we want Rove to go down in Plamie Flamies.

Crackpot Press will NEVER reveal sources.

BUt if Time Warner is willing to bend the rules, let Rove Burn!


showmethemoney said...

But what is the real problem? The revealing the source or revealing a CIA agent and putting her and the county at risk? Considering her husband was an anti-iraq war proponent I think we should dig deeper. It is someone high and the Bush Administration and that is an act of treason which could really scar this administration or even bring it down. Judith Miller was one of the architects of the WMD scam. That's right. In this particular case, she can rot.

Crackpot Press said...

I think it is weird. I keep trying to put in a Goodfellas Context.

She keeps her mouth shut does her time and gets a good job when she gets out?

Or is she gonna say... Screw this Karl Rove can do the time.