Monday, June 27, 2005

Movies that should be banned.

As you know AMC has been showing the edited versions of movies. Not just the edited versions, but the Reagan Era original Network edits. Major plot points are missing.

The Following Movies need to banned from The American Movie Classics playlist:

#1 "The Blues Brothers" (which is on now and has inspired this article) Belushi really needs to tell the the Nun that she is "Up Shit Creek" and Ackroyd needs to tell her she is a "Crazy Bitch." The scene plays like a woman beating men with a ruler. Oh Dear God, they just cut out the word "Laid." Instead of Belushi "getting him laid" Belushi got him "Paid"
#2 "The Bad News Bears" because Tanner tells it like it is. "All we got are Jews. Spics. Niggers and a Booger Eating Moron.. and now "A GIRL?"
#3 "Blazing Saddles" They cut the "It's Twue" scene and the line "We'll take the niggers and the chinks.. but we DON'T WANT THE IRISH"
#4 "Last Tango in Paris" Butter.
#5 "Midnight Run": apparantly, they prefer the four minute directors cut.

Demand better consumerism,


The Dating Doctor said...

Thanks for your blog! It is a great outlet from a long day at work!

Keep spreading the good word!!!

-- Kara

anonymous said...

just go rent, or better yet, buy the orginal uncensored version. there's your better consumerism. you people act like there was a crime committed. it's television. kids could be watching it. there's a reason why things are edited. tv is for dumbed down people. if you want the real thing go buy it. consumerism has never been better. didn't your sight also chastise someone for using the nigger word? i find it ironic that you are complaining it was banned from TV because of Reagan, yet on your own site you wanted use of that racsist term to be stopped. oh well, your guys are such easy targets. the bombing begins at midnight!

Greg Mills said...

Anonymous --

What? Fucking parents can't turn off the damn TV? Demand better parenting!

And shithead: your comprehension is sorely lacking. At no point did anyone hang the blame on Reagan.

When you've been around people for a while, you might hear them refer to eras. A presidential name is a useful reference point, you incredibly vacuous stupid sack of pig fucking dogshit. Twat. Shit. Fuckity fucker fuck fuckity fuck. Homo.

I apologize if there are any children present.

Crackpot Press said...

The comment by "Tanner" is a kid.

Which makes the racial epiteth simply adorable.

anonymous said...

well, do you have kids? you might be singing a different tune. and they first point was, to demand better consumerism. and my counter point was there is no need, it is already the best it can be. The original post did imply that there was no censoring until Reagan. and shit face, you are such a rude stupid fuck. someone upsets your stupid little blog that less than 100 people give a shit about and you get bent out of shape. the bad news bears was rated R. only with parents present can children see it who are under 17. at home, at 12 or 13 they could turn on the tv and see it and some parents can't watch that if they are not home. you still can go rent it or buy it uncensored, and i can have it censored to protect my kids. we both win! yet that's not good enuff for you you selfish greedy son a dog fucking chimp. your mother licks toilet bowls and your father smells of 3 month old sludge from a rotten trash disposal unit.