Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Downing Street - Day 3

Still no impeachment proceedings. GOP still upset Clinton getting more unpaid oral sex than they are. That would be HILLARY Clinton.



lameassdem said...

dood, you need a democratic majority to impeach a republican. also, you need proof that there was an impeachable offense committed. a memo from some other country is hardly the case for lameduck impeachment. quit crying.

Nudefatman said...

You flatulent imbecile.

You must know that the President upon his inauguration takes a vow to protect and defend the People of the United States.

Breaking this by taking us to war on false pretense is grounds for impeachment.

Considering the Senate is at a 22% (Reuters/AP poll) my guess is that it won’t be a Republican much after 2006.. a ways off but these things take time.

I sit here rubbing my palms in salivation. For it is nay but just memo. It is a series of memos. Also in your Fox News Mind you probably didn’t hear about the audio tapes provided in which Tony Blair actually says “No one is going to allow to go to war on these circumstances, we will need to “juice” up the truth.” There is a further memo leaked by a Haliburton whistle blower which Cheney has informed upper management that the “Money Train is coming!”

Yes my dear fellow, a train is coming indeed.

Crackpot Press said...

Lameassdem --

Are YOU a lameassdem, or are you suggesting that "we" are lameassdems? If that is the case, please change your handle to "Lameassindependent" for accuracy sake. I agree that a Democratic majority is needed to impeach a Republican, but initiating impeachment proceedings does not. Yes, Bush is currently a lameduck. The case against impeaching Bush is already stronger than the case for impeaching Clinton -- who lied about a blowjob. Alas, I am not crying. I am laughing and making silly faces at you.


lameassdem said...

if the case was so strong, why are the preceedings you crave not happening? that's because the case ins't that strong. yet. it may get stronger, and, just to show how ignorant fat ass is by mentioning my "fox news mind" i hope it does grow. all i was doing is answering your question. why are there no preceedings????? because the downing street memo isn't enough. and there are not enough members in congress who want to do it. maybe that will change. i hope it does. i hope he gets canned. but, it's gotta be by the books. you are innocent until PROVEN guilty. but for now, there's your answer. you people are so uptight.

now, if the president did take us to war on false pretenses, that's one thing. but right now it hasn't been proven that he did. it's fat ass's assumption. until it's proven, there's no case for impeachment. the president actually doesn't have the power to lead us into a war. that is congresses' power, which they gave to him. talk about impeachment! they should be on the block for betraying the constitution. now if someone can prove the president intentionally used bad info, then great. do it and get him outta here. but it's gonna be hard. all he has to do is say that he thought the intel was good at the time, which is what they did at the 9/11 hearings and past the buck to the cia. there's train coming, right. how long you been around? me 62 years! and i see this shit go back and forth all the time.

finally, yes, i am the lame ass dem. but not lame ass democrat like you thought without asking me. it was lame ass democracy, which is what this is.

peace out, nigga's

Nude Fat Man said...

It's Fat Nude Man. My ass is perfectly proportionate to the frame of my body.
YOu would be so lucky to dig your chin into my voluptous ass cleavage.

But I save that for the ladies and the occasional Dorito.

I like nudeness it is the way we should all. Nude, naked, bold.

I find it pathetic that at 62 years of age you sign off with an outdated "Peace Out, Niggas." It has the feel of someone going through thier third mid life crisis. Im sorry to tell you people don't live to be 120... HA! I crave your vascular Flava Flav.

My only question is... how hard is it to believe with so much evidence. It's as if a video of Rodney King being beaten is not enough to convict. Yes we indeed see climb San Juan Hill... we just need to find the one with intestinal fortitude to do so.

I have a chablis and Mrs. Greenholtz from 4C awaiting me.

Crackpot Press said...

lameassdem --

You say "we" are uptight, but "we" are not FAT NUDE MAN. FAT NUDE MAN is his own person. We just link to his blog because we like his fearlessness. We are Crackpot Press, and like any organization of individuals, we can be uptight, as well as the full range of human emotions. In fact, I'm so drunk right now I couldn't possibly be uptight.

We are not lawyers, but we understand the basic concept of proving someone guilty. I don't care how old you are, we aren't children and perhaps you should stop addressing us like we are.

I fully 100% agree with you that the resolution authorizing President Bush to "deal" with Iraq was unconstitutional. Not much we can do about that now, especially considering that's been the norm since the Gulf of Tonkin (or perhaps before -- you're 62 -- why don't you tell us!?) Reagan stopped enforcing the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. Does that mean we should shrug our shoulders at media conslidation? Or mega merger after mega merger?

Also, I DID ask what lameassdem meant. Please see my previous comment for verification.

Now, we are a blog, which means we are stating our OPINION. In fact, it clearly states at the top of this blog FICTION + OPINION = FACT. We are not government officials filing charges against Bush. Thus, we are not required, here on the Crackpot Press blog, to present a legal case with supporting evidence for articles of impeachment. We are only required offer two things -- FICTION and OPINION.

It is my OPINION that Bush lied to the American people and Congress, and Powell, on orders from Bush, lied to the United Nations, in order to go to war in Iraq. It is also my opinion that Tony Blair did the same. Many other of our high ranking government officials went along for the ride. This has been my opinion since BEFORE the war began, and it seemed to be the opinion of most of the global population who came out en masse to protest even the suggestion of such an invasion, so this view is hardly the result of my tin hat foil collection.

Are the Downing Street memos foolproof 100% irrefutable evidence that Bush knowingly screwed us all? Well -- no. But the body of evidence of which has grown bigger and bigger with each passing day, and just plain common sense, says that he did. Many cases of mass murder are sucessfully prosecuted on much less.

In answer to why there are no proceedings yet, that simply is such a ridiculous statement I'm not sure where to start. Even with Nixon, impeachment proceedings didn't start one week after the Watergate story hit the press. Come on! You know that. What about Clinton? Did the high crime of lying about oral sex, once revealed, lead to impeachment proceedings 10 minutes later? Try and be serious for just a second -- especially with a GOP controlled Congress.

I, for one, don't really believe that Bush is going to get impeached. In fact, I would say there is less than 0% of that happening -- even if the Democrats retake the Senate in 2006. This post is merely to remind anyone who stops by that we impeached the last President because he lied about a blowjob, but we are unwilling to even entertain the idea of impeaching the current one for starting an unnecessary war of choice. The vitrolic comments these posts have generated, including your own, are proof enough of that.

In conclusion, you say this is a lameass democracy. I would suggest that we're not even that. Thank you for your comments. Lastly, post comments on our blog as much as you want but please never use the word "nigga" ever again. While we will always support the harsh villification of "the other side," even if that "other side" is us, we will not tolerate racist terms of any kind.


lameassdem said...

well, so many words for such a simple debate leads me to believe that you, gw, and fat ass nude man like to hear yourselves talk, or type, as it may be. i'll leave you with this, what about rock n roll nigger by patti smith? is that allowed on your language nazi site? rock n roll nigger is a great song and example of what i'm talking about. so if that is still not ok, then fine. and i didn't even say nigger. i said nigga, like homey, cracker, etc. as, Ice T said, I'm a nigger in America. And I don't care what you are . I'm a capitol N. I . double G E R straight up nigger." it's language fool. and my words. check this though, if bush is impeached, then Cheney will be president. do you want that? the SOB is even worse.

Crackpot Press said...

Lay off the new Folks, let them dig their new grave.

If Bush ius removed from office, Cheney will go to. I dont think there isn't a person in the world that thinks Cheney wasn't in it.

For Example the "Money Train Is Coming" Memo from Cheney to Haliburton Employess.

lameassdem said...

alright then. peace!

Greg Mills said...

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