Sunday, March 25, 2007

John Edwards..

Does anyone read this blog anymore?

In any case, I watched the John Edwards interview on 60 Minutes.

As a guy who is thinking about getting married, it really put a lot of things into perspective.

I know few folks who have a good marriage. The only ones who spring to mind immediately.. well... work for the Crackpot Press.. My parents don't work for the Crackpot Press.

My grandmother once said "Even in the best of times, a good marriage takes a lot of work"

It's a real commitment and that stuff about for "better and worse" isn't just a lot of crap.

Words mumbled to you by a drunken Reno judge.

It put me in a really deep place. Sure, if it was a movie.. we would have danced off to the Sunset quite some time ago..

and divorced sometime after the Technicolor logo.

Maybe because I am older.. I put more significance on the whole thing. Marriage is a big deal.

It requires a big man. Or it requires a stupid man.

A big man will dive headfirst, because he knows it will all be all right.
A stupid man will dive headfirst, because it's the thing to do.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Howdy Folks!

Yeah, I am here. This blog is not dead, just a few cobwebs on the cooter.

However, I have been putting my time mostly into the main site, Crackpot Press

It's been great watching the site grow. Check out all the great "kill-lah" new stuff.

Philip saw the Police at the Whiskey... for FREE! dick.
Greg is getting into punditry.
I have been writing Indie Movie Reviews and shit.

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