Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An Excellent Purchase.

So I went to a fund raiser for PAWS LA.

It was a great night, really well put together. It was an art auction that helps out folks with pets.
I met the "West Wing"'s Mrs. Landingham, who I always thoughts had an awesome story arc.

Well, there was also an open Martini/Wine bar. Due to the prodding of Dick Hollywood (and the good folks at Absolute), I bought this piece of art.

I got it at much lower than the market value. It's called "Douglas, Drive By Passion" by Rose-Lynn Fisher.

This picture makes me happy. Not just for it's great use of light and color. I don't know anything about art really so I can't really call it an investment. I think it really captures the journey that moving to Los Angeles entails. When you first move here, you come in your overly dented '79 Chevette, roll the dice and take the tour. Everyone meets some fancy folks, everyone has moments of true sadness, Everyone takes the tour. Everyone has the excitement and we tend to wear funny clothes but you should always keep your goggles on.

However,the tour never really stops and it goes by really fast. I have no idea where my friend Douglas (pictured) is going from or going to. I keep hearing a whizzing of "blllrrrllleeerrr" going through my head. This picture really brings into focus the blur that Los Angeles has been over the last (gulp!) 16 years. The voyage keeps going and is always exciting. I think of all the times I have had to move very, very fast in any direction with a true sense of adventure and passion. It

And this "Drive By Passion" is why I bought it. Did I NEED it, probably not. Did I WANT it.. you betcha.

It's really the only way to see Los Angeles.

Some people look at art as an investment. Some gewt all snobby about it. Me, I buy things because it reflects part of me.

An excellent purchase.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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