Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Open Letter to Karl Rove

Dear Karl Rove:

I think it’s terrible that you outed a CIA operative. It’s really bad that you are a traitor to our country. You are a disgrace.

However, on the upside, there is a NEW Crackpot Press up! We update every now and again now (every coupla weeks). Check the archives for the stuff you missed.

I know you have been busy undermining American Security and haven’t checked us out in a while, but we have tons of new crap that you might bring a chuckle to your sweaty, cherubic jowls.

Has anyone ever told you, you are sexy in the Ned Beatty kind of way?

If not, here’s what we got cookin’ on the Bayou BBQ!

Greg introduces us to America’s Greatest New Excersize-O-Craze!!!

Giles crosses the nation to Boston to check out the Pops on the 4th of July in “The Red White and Blue State Shuffle”

Karen enjoys the Summer Vacation by seducing a Young Boy!

Daze goes to Cooperstown for the Hall of Fame Inductions!

Cool shit ya don’t gotta pay for!

AND we gotta whole new look… BLING GA BLING! Some new links too. Check out Deep End Dining!

Oh and we retire Stanley Kubrick’s number… and Karl, we got some new shirts and stuff that will make you the alpha male of the cell block.

Love ya, mean it! Gawd, yer mouth is purdy.


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