Thursday, July 28, 2005

Taxing on Jacking

The Porn Tax is the smartest thing that has come along in taxes a while. It adds a tax to consumers who regularly pay for porn on the internet. You could say it's double headed dildo of all take increases. So all those folks with the web cams would have to raise prices a buck. The Porn Industry is screaming like a Anal-DP.

Porn Guys.. Let me tell ya something. For the same video shot on a palmcorder using students from San Fernando Valley Junior College on some couch you found for budgeted at $500 you can charge $5, $10 or $20 and your buy rates will stay the same.

People LIKE Porn and will continue to buy it. No matter the Price.
We tax smokes, We tax booze, We tax Ronco's hand crank vibrating sphincter massager.

I think it's high time we started taxing some hot amateur girl on girl action.

I'd pay a dollar for that.


Nedhead said...

I'd pay two.

Nedhead said...

to cover the tax, of course

Crackpot Press said...

We, men, already pay a "sex" tax every day of our lives. When's the last time a woman took YOU out to dinner? In 2005 women want your job and for you to pick up the bill. Nice Catch-22 huh? You can max those credit cards out and you still may not get anything. At least with internet porn you get what you pay for. There are no surprises. You pay for nekkid women and you get nekkid women. What's another dollar or two when there is certainty in the outcome? That's less than your average glass of bad wine at a restaurant. I guess the real question is, "Where does the porn tax revenue go?"

Anonymous said...

The problem with this law isn't the tax. The problem is the new age verification requirement. Democrats want adult web sites to "card" surfers. So before you can look at porn you have to give all the personal information that appears on your drivers license to this company:

Notice how this web site brags about being in compliance with the Patriot Act. Think about that. They'd collect your name (first, middle, and last), street address, phone number, date of birth, and the ID# that appears on your drivers license. And if the government comes calling, they'd happily hand this information over to them.

Anyone who thinks is a good idea should have a look at this site so you can see how dodgy it is. They won't even let you read their F.A.Q. unless you set up an account.

Big Brother is watching you.

Crackpot Press said...

Once again, I would like to differitiate between the two "Crackpot's" that blog here.

Giles Weaver is one. CP is another.

Giles Weaver is married and cynical.

I am single and optomistic.

We are mirror images of the same Fight Club...

I simply think Porn shall be taxed the revenue shall be money shotted wherever it shall..fall.

The Porn tax helps crippled children.

So there.

Nedhead said...

Giles Weaver is married and cynical.

Me too.

the real anonymous said...

look, why do you need to tax porn? why do you need more taxes?? are you saying the government is short of money? well, we know where that went once Jr. got in office. why not just reverse it the way it was, A SURPLUSS BUDGET, prior to Jr., and not tax anything else? especially when dumbfucks passing laws like the patriot act are in charge of the money, i'd hate to give them more.

also, if you eliminated fraud from our budget (which accounts for 30% of it) we would have a ton of cash to use for the public good. but NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... no one ever talks about the Fraud going on in D.C. not the republicans or the democrats. is it because they are all pigs at the market?

Greg Mills said...

Giles Weaver. Dude, I'm married to that kid's MOM.