Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My life is on hold

Okay so some guy (Let's just call him Mr. Mutherfucker) stole my ATM card. Not just stole.. swiped.

Without my ATM Card ever leaving my wallet, someone went around town (LA) and stole all my money... at ATM's!

Even after Mr. Mutherfucker had taken it all and I was overdrawn WELLS FARGO still let him take another $400... If I am overdrawn I can't do that! Why does Mr. MF get more customer service than I do.

Here's the kicker... I forgot to pay my phone bill. I got a notice saying they were gonna shut it off.. so I send them check, Check bounces.. ALL phones go dead. I have that convienient package plan.

So now I am hold waiting for someone at Wells Fargo to pick up the phone. Mr. Mutherfucker is probably getting that new blowjob model I-Pod, that I want.

here are some of the things they say when you are on hold.

"This is a fast-paced world... we appreciate your patience!"
"In just a moment you will be getting excellent customer service"
"We love to hear suggestions... just let us know."


totolehero said...

all the Mr and Ms Mutherfuckers should die a slow and painful death...


Crackpot Press said...


Actually these customer service people were quite good once you got through to them. They say my money and my phones will be back in no time.

By the "in no time" doesn't put gas in the car...


Debbie said...

Yeah, I got a suggestion!

That is so crappy. Good luck with that.

Perhaps Mr. Motherfucker is in cahoots with Wells Fargo. Expect a theft service charge and an interest charge as well. they are probably charging you for every second you are on hold - the "Excellent customer Service Charge"