Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Shake Up In Boulder

Strange things were afoot in Boulder this weekend. It was awesome that Elaine Youngs and Rachel Wacholder beat out the champs again. It's not the Kerri Walsh and Misty May have been slipping.. It's just that EY/Rachel just keep getting better.

However, there are two little known victories that shouldn't be allowed to slip through the newscycle. The teams of Carrie Busch (pictured left) /Leane McSorely (ranked 6th) and Angie Akers/Nicole Branagh. (Ranked 11)
The finished 3,4 and 5th, respectively. All of these teams pulled off major upsets against the semifinal staple teams of Kessey/McPeak and Turner/Wilson. One of the reasons that the Men's has been more popular ovwer the years is that it is very competitive with upsets occuring regularly. This also means a a regular rotation on the Nationally televised matches.
There seems to be a new breeze blowing on the beach.The matchups overall seem to be closer.
The play fiercer.

Improvement is on the March. The sport is changing.

Angie Akers (pictured left) was the partner of the uber- tenatcious Wacholder last year. It could be that Angie is improving to the point where she will be a major player next year.
With her partner, Orinda, California's Nicole Branagh, Akers/Branagh came within three points of taking Busch/McSorely, something I thought had been previously out of there reach.

With only two major tournies left- Chicago this weekend (NBC) and Vegas next (FSN), the ground work for next year is getting thrown down.
Hear me now !

2006 will be some of the fiercest competition at Women's AVP ever.


lady in satin said...

I wish I was more interested in sports so that I could actually post a comment worth reading!!! *LOL*

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totolehero said...

i don't how much of it is sport and how much of it is eye candying.....???

nice meeting you crackpot (never had a crackpot friend...)

Crackpot Press said...

It's the perfect combination of eye candy AND sport.

Check out the men's... you decide!