Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ohio Marines Dead, GOP Congresswoman Elected

Headline juxtaposition II:

Ohio Battalion Loses 20 Marines in 2 Days

BROOK PARK, Ohio - The rash of violence in Iraq this week has taken an especially brutal toll on a Marine battalion based in this working-class town: Twenty members from the unit were killed over two days.

GOP Wins U.S. House Election in Ohio

CINCINNATI - A Republican former state lawmaker has claimed a seat in Congress by narrowly defeating an Iraq war veteran who drew national attention to the race with his military service and a series of harsh attacks on President Bush.

Ohio -- you reap what you sow. You can't cry about your war dead one moment, and vote for a GOP congressmen who smeared the service of one of your soldiers the next (not to mention that creative coin scheme your impressive GOP has created). This war, and the lives its claiming on both sides, is a tragic mistake, but Ohio has proven over and over again at the ballot box that it supports the foreign policy of this administration, and thus the war in Iraq. If you don't like your boys coming home in wooden boxes, you may want to think about that the next time an election comes up. Otherwise, start taking design submissions for the monument to honor your dead.


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