Thursday, August 11, 2005



Are you RRRRRRRReady to RRRRRRumble?

from the Folks who brought you God comes Justice Sunday II...

Honestly I can't think of better thing to do except drink whiskey and PTL on Sunday afternoon in Nashville in August..

Believe it or not.. Bill Frist was actually "Uninvited" because of his flip flop on Stem Cell Research.

Guests include

The Musical Stylings of

Jet Williams

James "Sponge Bob is a Homo" Dobson
Tom "Collection Plate" Delay
Zell "Rebel Yell" Miller

and the best teeth on TV.. Tony Robbins. Who strangely enough I have nothing nasty to say about.

Rumored surprise visit by "Invisible Jesus"

There is also rumored a SURPRISE RECONCILIATION
of Ashcroft/Bacon
. These two have not spoken in 40 years (after a fight over "Who loved Jesus more") Well the lawsuit has been Settled... ROCK ON MEN!

Coincidentally, Ashcroft has the worst teeth of anyone performing.


Crackpot Press said...

I say we counter with JUSTICE SATURDAY! Justice Saturday will celebrate the finer things in life -- semi-naked women, alcohol, medical marijuana, music that DEMANDS the three previous items on the list, and Rachel Wacholder. Guest will include, but not be limited to:

Nude Fat Man
The Ramones (in spirit)
Kofi Annan
The Korean girl I just saw in the lobby of my building
Paul Hackett
Nikki Griffen

Home Stem Cell Research kits for the first 10,000 Justice Saturday participants!

Nedhead said...

thanks for the laugh, gw, home stem cell research kits lol