Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Let's catch up with the Alumni

I went to a fancy schmancy boarding school in Missouri. I somehow managed to get much needed financial grants because people liked my Mom and I could carry a tune. I tried to fit in and even dabbled in the Reagan Arts. I got my come-uppance by attendeding San Francisco State University (after a spewing away some time at Diablo Valley Junior college, once ranked by Playboy as having hot girls there... IN YOUR FACE, DUKE, COLUMBIA and CHICO STATE!!!!). My Poli Sci teacher at SFSU was Angela Davis who, regardless of what you may think, is a very nice lady.

That Black Panther thing intimidates some folks.

So anyways, I got my alumni news letter.

Let's see what folks are up to. I am a blogger AND an accountant... TOP THAT!!!!.

Class of 86..
Jana writes "This has been one big year. My second book came out last January. And I just completed my first session as an elected representative in the Idaho House." Sweetheart, Just remember Dan Quayle won Vice-President. Your Dad lost in a LANDSLIDE! (though he is still better than either Bush)

Class of 02.. "Gary and Mandy are no longer married..." Who the hell writes their Alumni when they GET DIVORCED?? Oh wait.. it says at the end "We would love to catch up with old friends." Wink. Wink.

Class of 1990: Mimi Hoffman still looks great. That's awesome you are still doing the ballet thing.

Class of 74.. (I'm not making this up) Alyson and Nick Wackerman have moved to Aurora, ILL. Bradley Murchison came to visit and this was a perfect time to get together with Nibs Knight.

This one hurts.....

Class of '00: I played football. I sucked. Got knocked out.. often still have a dent in my skull becuase of it. Skinniest. Linebacker. Ever.
The coach was one of the first people who ever said to me (insert thick Louisiana accent) "Mr. Crackpot... you make me so goddamn mad!" Actually he was the only one who has ever referred to me as "Mr." anything. His young daughter a freckled face lass of a girl came out to watch football practice. She was 8 or 9 .. a real "kid" ...jeans and Keds.

Jessica is working in Washington D.C. as an information officer in the U.S. Agency for International Development's Office of Iraq Reconstruction. She drafts weekly memos for Secretary of State Condoleeezza Rice.

(slightly edited, just enough so I don't get my ass kicked. I just got these teeth. Mimi ... that means your husband and Jack Kemp and while I am at it...my old football coach.)

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