Friday, August 12, 2005

GOP Condemns Arnold Schwarzenegger!

There's a headline you'll never see. Another case of Republican "family values" venom that mysteriously never includes one of their own? I'll let you be the judge.

"In a story that neatly links allegations of the governor's womanizing with questions about his integrity, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that, just a few days after he announced that he was running for office, a tabloid publisher that eventually entered into a multimillion-dollar deal with Schwarzenegger effectively bought the silence of a woman who allegedly had an affair with him."

So there we have it. Illicit affair while married, serious financial conflict of interest involving his political office, and bribery. Not bad for the "People's Governor."

I've always thought this guy was a clown and stooge of private and corporate interests (which makes him very similar to all the other politicans we have in California), but I could care less about his extra marital affair. That's Maria's problem as far as I'm concerned. However, the GOP foams at the mouth when you even mention the word "sex," but their puritanical views always take a back seat to their lust for power. This hypocritical stance makes them sound like cartoon characters when they get all self-righteous about people's private lives.

I'll post a retraction when I see that headline in the MSM. Don't hold your breath.


Aakash said...

Hey... Some of us on the Republican Right have been blasting Arnold from the start.

Crackpot Press said...

You've been blasting him because he's not conservative enough (RINO?), we've been blasting him because he is an emotionless robot and tool of corporate interests. During the campaign the REAL Republican Right -- you know -- the ones with all the money -- backed this fool regardless of his offensive personal conduct. They thought if they could buy their way into the Governor's office with a special election someohow California would mysteriously turn red (not to mention sweeping that ugly energy company fraud episode under the rug). That will never happen.