Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Where Can I Get Me Some of that Christianity?

NEW YORK A new poll finds that the more often Americans go to church, the more supportive they are of U-S foreign policy, including the war in Iraq.

The poll by Public Agenda finds that people who frequently attend worship services are far more likely to support the war on terror and believe that the U-S is achieving its objectives in Iraq.

Americans who never attend worship services are much more likely to believe that the war is damaging international relations and is costing too much in money and casualties.

Public Agenda's Michael Remaley (reh-MAL'-ee) says the poll reflects evangelical Christians' greater tendency to view the world in terms of good and evil, and their support for President Bush.

This is funny because the more often Muslims go to brain washing madrassas the more supportive they are of Osama bin Laden's foregin policy, including the war against America in Iraq. If the evangelical Christians here in America went to the beach and got a really good tan, they would be virtually identical to our Muslim extremist brothers.

Lastly, and correct me if I'm wrong, from what I remember of 18 long years of bitter Catholic teachings, Jesus Christ was primarily known for his anti-war views -- his radical "turn the other cheek" philosophy which is why his teachings became popular with the war weary grunts in the Roman army. The Christians REFUSED to fight back when they were persecuted by the Romans. They were willing to die for Christ's views, but there were not willing to kill for them. See, get it? Prince of Peace, not Prince of Kill. It's truly terrible what has happened to Christianity. For a very brief moment in human history it had the opportunity to change the course of civilization for the better. Instead, its fiercest proponents live so contradictory to its actual teachings they make a mockery of everything Jesus Christ was and still represents. Constantine painted the crucifix on the shields of his army and Christianity died. Now "religious" goon Pat Robertson is calling for the assassination of elected foreign leaders. What, exactly, has changed since Constantine? I wonder what Robertson thinks about the assassination of non-elected religious leaders?

Sometimes I wish that a Second Coming would actually take place so I could watch all these Christian war mongers roast in that lake of fire they dream about so much.

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CrackHitler said...

That's why some people actually call it what it is: a crusade. literally. it's christianity versus musilim with a little judaism sprinkled on top.