Monday, August 22, 2005

Thanks George W!

Wow. It's been almost four years since a bunch of Saudi Arabians flew planes into the New York skyline.

Even they would have never guessed that for their efforts the government of the United States would reward them with a brand new shiny Iraqi theocracy allied with Iran. I guess that Western style democracy allied with Israel plan has been shelved due to the "reality on the ground." I like to call it the "incompetence on the ground."

From the wholesale looting of the country in March of 2003 (including weapons depots) to our very recent green light to Islamic Shiara law, the invasion and occupation of Iraq may well be the must bungled military operation in U.S. history. It is an unequivacal failure in every single respect.

I just finished reading THE GREATEST GENERATION, which is relevant as George W has been comparing their sacrifices in World War II to his disasterous mess in Iraq. Almost everybody profiled in the book lamented the loss of "personal responsibility" in our society. George W and his administration has elevated the absence of personal responsibility to a political ideaology. "Deny, whitewash, attack" is the rallying cry of the new Right, but nothing they say or do will change the inevitable outcome of their Iraq folly -- continued civil war leading to theocracy. That must be the "noble cause" we've heard so much about. Our soldiers are dying for the creation of a state that will be more hostile to the U.S. than Saddam, OUR man in Baghdad, could ever hope to achieve.

The pro-war crowd can regurgitate GOP talking points all they want, no amount of spin can change what is now in the draft constitution -- Islamic law -- which the U.S. supported in order to get the constitution completed and passed. The second deadline has now come and gone with no agreement.

Thanks George W.


CrackHitler said...

When you settle for Democrates as the only hope, this is what you get all time. "This is what you want, this is what you get." Ad Infinitum.

mark h said...

well said