Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I Will Not Support Your War on Humanity

If you feel the average I.Q. of your general geographic area suddenly nose dive, it's probably because MOVE AMERICA FORWARD's "You Don't Speak for Me Cindy" tour has just driven into your home town.

I've seen some sad and pathetic things in my lifetime, but this has got to be the most ghoulish parade of rubes ever assembled. The saddest of them all has to be the parents of soldiers who are in Iraq right now. They've already bought all of our government's lies about the war so they're not going to stop now. Excuse me if I skip over your kids name when the next big black war memorial wall is built in their "honor."

The vilification of anti-war Americans is absolutely necessary to keep the rubes with blind faith in their rulers on the march -- with silly little signs and dumb jingoistic slogans which will mean nothing when our troops start going down 100 at a time from depleted uranium related illnessess -- though many of their parents will be secure with the thought that they helped MOVE AMERICA FORWARD by sticking their child in the dirt for an Iraqi theocracy.

One group of pro-war rubes actually put up the Ten Commandments. THOU SHALT NOT KILL just didn't seem to strike an ironic cord with these barbaric chimpanzees.

Over two years of complete failure in Iraq, and the rubes still show up on command, ready to spout their "limited government" views by fanatically and sometimes violently supporting the very government they hate so much in peace time. That's just one of the many contradictions that lie at the heart of the new Right's putrid reasoning (i.e. wheeling around the Ten Commandments at a pro war rally).

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it doesn't matter what MOVE AMERICA FORWARD thinks, says, or does. Nothing will change the course of this disaster, and if you believe there is something that will avert humiliation and defeat then your capacity to understand the world is so shallow and misdirected, that you are beyond hope. Scream, cry, whine, point, attack -- it means nothing.

Millions of people in almost every country in the world protested the invasion against Iraq BEFORE it happened. Is every single one of them anti-American? Is every single one of them a "communist?" (yes, the pro-war crowd is calling anti-war protestors "communists" if you can believe that. Hello, communism was responsible for some of the most bloody affairs of the 20th century. How is possible that your pea sized brains can equate communism with peace? GET SOME NEW MATERIAL)! Is every single person who protested a potential enemy? A terrorist? What are we going to do -- kill them all? Will that satisfy your medevial blood lust? And what of the millions who rise to take their place? Even Bush can't kill that fast.

America has become a land drunk on fear and violence. MOVE AMERICA FORWARD is decorating RVs and touring around the country in celebration of the deaths of our soldiers and the indiscriminate destruction of a foreign culture while personifying what every one else in the world already knows -- we are butchers gleefully and ignorantly skipping into our own slaughter.

How many Fallujahs will it take to pacify the country we have liberated? How much more death and mayhem will we support to "save face?" How many more politically expedient concessions will we make to keep the lid on the powder keg? How many pro-death caravans will we launch to convince ourselves that we are not the parriah of planet Earth?

Seize the airways, block the streets, shoot your guns in the air, drive over veteran memorials... and launch your sadistic MOVE DEATH FORWARD tour you fools -- we will NEVER support your war against humanity.



CrackHitler said...

Actually, every time you buy something you support the war on humanity. All the crap you just listed (and I'm with you that it's crap) is part and parcel on maintaining the #1 spot in the free world. But how free is it when 6% have 40% of everything? And, in this spoiled nation no one will give up one thing. They would rather support killing than stop shopping at Wal-Mart. What is the one thing people are bitching about? Their precious gas. Now they have to spend more money to go to Wal-Mart. They don't care what goes down in a country 1/2 of them couldn't find on a map. All they care about is what they can consume. Which is the perfect demographic for coporations who now use words like "human friendly." Some of the thrall's are so shocked by this realization that they have to enforce it even more and behave like the people you mention in your blog. But, all this is quite normal as far a the system is concerned. As long as their is fodder for it, it will continue to run,

Crackpot Press said...

You seem angry. I like that. And I am definitely for polling pro war groups to see if they can actually locate Iraq on a map. That would be funny.

CrackHitler said...

i'm pissed! we all should be. seriously, there are pro-war people who do not know where iraq is, and can't even name one of the five countries touching its border. shouldn't a pre-req be before you are in favor of bombing or attacking someone that you at least know something about them besides that worn out picture of Saddam with that rifle???