Tuesday, August 16, 2005

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In Washington, they have brought back Civil War Style baseball! Who will win this epic showdown between the Blue and the Gray?? I'm guessing the team that doesn't keep their best players in chains.

This month in Playboy, the Girls of the AVP pro beach volleyball league get naked for the cameras. As a huge fan of the sport, I was disappointed that Rachel Wacholder, Kerri Walsh, Misty May, Tyra Turner, Carrie Busch, Jen Pavley, Nancy Mason, Jennifer Kessey, Angie Akers, Makara Wilson, Jennifer Meredith and the Linquisdt sisters were not amongst the models.

I guess Playboy decided that sometimes it’s just better to search out the players that suck. The combined tournament wins of the models included equals "I should not give up my Job at Sharkees"

Big news in the world of music...

After 20 years of being nowhere to be found Bobby McFerrin takes some time off. I think it's pretty pathetic to get some ink by announcing your retirement... For the kids out there he had a homoey one hit wonder back in the 80's.

Also Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas is going on a solo tour. I think it is important that a whole new generation of young men will earn their degree in "Pussification" How do you earn that? It's easy... spend $200 on concert tickets to go hear a bunch of "sissy boy rock" only to not get any later. Rob Thomas regularly wears a t-shirt that says "Feminist." As the sage proclaimed, "Men who claim to be feminists are just doin' it for the nookie."

Also this jagoff, Jason Mraz, Says "Smoking Makes Him Happy." I have never heard of this guy but we at Crackpot Press strive for keyword rich content... like "Jagoff." As an 18 year smoker I was thrilled when I accidently projectiled a lugi on to my monitor this morning. Yup, I am a happy guy. More sissy boy bad boy PR crap... Here's a tip if you want to be a "Bad Boy" GO BIG! learn from the master.

Gwen Stefani teaches the most important lesson of the Music Industry to underpriveledge North Korean School girls.

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