Wednesday, May 04, 2005

We got spirit!

Let's see how Texas Republicans are wasting tax payer money today.

Let's Regulate High School Cheerleading! Yes, really! Thank God we got all the importan issues out the way, so we can work on some fine tuning!
Next week a debate on "What is Sexy?"

So help me god if they lay a finger (that isn't mine) on the Coors Light twins or that chick from

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Anonymous said...

It is comforting to know that Texas has reached such a state of political and social perfection that they have the time to debate and resolve important issues like this. I applaud the brave men and women of the Texas Legistlature for taking on the "fourth rail" of American politics -- suggestive Cheerleadering routines. Now the morally pure and enlightened residents of Texas can sigh a breath of relief -- nobody will ever have sex again. Suggestive dancing by Cheerleaders can lead to immoral actions such as invading a soverign foreign country that poses no threat, torture, and homoerotic love affairs with Saudi Princes named Bandar. Yes, Texas, a beautiful beacon of freedom and justice. Now that the Texas Legislature, of partisan redistricing fame, is done regulating Cheerleadng routines (I just love those "limited government" people!), and have completed their mission of becoming the biggest political laughing stock of the nation, maybe, just perhaps, when they get a moment, they can do something about this: