Friday, May 13, 2005

Celeb night at the Rite-Aid

Okay, so I had to put out a fire tonight and by 9:00 I am ready for a couple beers and a good flick.

I know, what could be more exciting than being an accountant by day and Webmaster by night?

The following is True.

So I got to Blockbuster in the huge strip mall by my house. I pick out some previously used flicks...

"Anchorman,"" Friday Night Lights (a true story which I haven't seen but everyone says it rocks)" and "Confession of a Dangerous Mind" which I think is some of the best writing ever. And George Clooney is no hack as a director. It's a good flick...but a BETTER story. For those who don't know, it is the "autobiography" of Chuch Barris, game show producer from the 70's, and his account as Game Show Producer by Day, CIA operative at night. When he needs to go out of town, they work it into the Show.... "Congratulations, you have won a trip to East Berlin, we'll send a chaperone with ya"

Who cares if it's true... yeah right Hamlet's fake, the Odyssey is fake, Lord of the Rings is Fake, Except for "Octopussy" all the James Bond movie's are "fake." And I have been overdosing my political junkie... and hearing all the stuff that is going on and my head is spinning. I have had too much “true.”

Dammit, I need some "fake."

I buy my movies, behind me in line was a 19 somethingish gal getting a "Sex in the City" which is fake, but most women think is real. At the last minute a Blockbuster employee pulls out "Phantom of the Opera" which is fake. And she opts for that.

Then I get a dose of the real.

I walk out and Eric McCormack is sitting there signing an autograph from some square tourist from Akron ( no one in LA, even in the valley, is wearing a Buckeye's Shirt) who probably voted for Bush...because God Hates Fags. Reality....or Fiction? He was there with his boy (who looks freakishly like him), so I guess it was cool. He seemed very gracious and, in fact, happy. Good for him. I guess the tourists prefer the fact rather than the fiction.

Then I go to Rite Aid down the strip mall promenade(they really have the best beer prices) and Jay Mohr and his son come in and they are having a good time too, screwing around in the Rite-Aid.

So the question I have been struggling with my entire life is.... what is fact, what is fiction, what is real, what isn't?

Okay... I need to watch Anchorman before I go insane thinking about this. I'm pretty sure that's fake, but it is based on someone who is real.


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Tina said...

Hey... not all Ohioans voted for Bush... some of us campaigned our asses off for Kerry when the light was snuffed out for Dean... and you're right... God does hate fags... oh no... that's wrong... it's God hates hypocritical closeted fags who are self loathing GOPers... ya know, it's hard to keep up on who and what God hates anymore.