Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Tal Afar is living now some kind of civil war," he said.

Fourteen U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq in the last three days. Don't expect the MSM to tell us what is really happening there. The Iraqi civil war is not on the way, it is already happening. We're not going to see Sunnis and Shiites lining up across a field from each other with Islamic flags and drummer boys (i.e. The North vs The South). It will start gradually, town by town, city by city, until the Kurds and the Turkoman are caught up in it as well. Once the fighting is so widespread that even our pathetic Soviet media can't hide behind its vacuous patriotic slogans, then Iran and Turkey will become players as well. Who will be caught in the middle of all of this? That's right -- U.S. soliders just like the fourteen killed this week. Of course, and I say this quite often, I'm sure it won't be a problem given all the college Republicans lining up at our military recruitment offices. Smart bombs, whatever, have you ever had to spend more than five minutes with a college Republican? The whole Middle East will surrender over night.

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J A Y @ C I A said...

Question for the "Great Uniter" : Have you ever vetoed a weapons bill? A weapons main purpose is to take life. The weapons main function is to take life. It's not for target practice. Production for use. Can you shave a couple of bucks off of the "take life" bill to help out?

--nicely put.