Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Evangelicals Starting to See the Light! Praise!

One-third? I'll take it.

College ad to protest Bush visit
By Julia Duin

One-third of the professors at an evangelical Christian college in Grand Rapids, Mich., are taking out a large ad in a local newspaper Saturday to protest President Bush's commencement speech. "As Christians, we are called to be peacemakers and to initiate war only as a last resort," the ad will say. "We believe your administration has launched an unjust and unjustified war in Iraq." The 130 signatories, which include 20 staff members, work at Calvin College. Founded in 1876 as a school for pastors of the Christian Reformed Church, it now is one of the nation's flagship schools for a Christian liberal-arts education.


Anonymous said...

Great News! Thanks for posting this. I will take one third any day.

halcyon67 said...

I agree with karena. These evangelicals are probably liberal, the ones who actually use God's word to do good in our world, unlike those right-wingers who use it to justify hate. But to the right wingers who support Bush, they will call these Christians some pejorative, because they can't defend their views.