Thursday, May 12, 2005

One step closer to international embarassment...

Voinovich Slams Bolton but OKs Senate Vote

It should not be a surprise that the sheep all bleated out the same nonsense this morning: "He's terrible, but..."

I simply do not understand this. There are many qualified people that we would be proud to have represent us at the United Nations, so why are we going to get stuck with someone who despises the U.N. and everything it stand for, as well as man who is simply not qualified to be diplomat?

Regardless of his continuously sinking approval ratings, Bush has his second term. To confirm this monster just so Bush doesn't have a political defeat in the MSM is ridiculous at best, dangerous at worst.

I'd love to see some comments about why Bolton SHOULD be our ambassador to the U.N. Beacause Bush picked him isn't good enough of a reason. Bolton is not representing Bush. He's representing all of us.

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