Thursday, May 12, 2005

Payback is Hell

The Waynesville, NC preacher who booted nine members of his congregation for being Democrats has resigned.

In typical conservative fashion, he is playing the victim card, and in typcial conservative "X-Files" fashion, he is claiming that tapes which contain his overtly right wing political sermons were "doctored" (just like all that Iraq intelligence, I guess).

The conservative, and evangelical, hubris that swept over the country in the immediate aftermath of the November election is leading the right wing into a sociopolitical dead end.

Social Security... rising gas prices... Terri Shiavo... John Bolton... the Blair memo... Jim West... the bankruptcy bill... the class action lawsuit bill... Justice Sunday... the soon to be used "nuclear option"... North Korea... and, of course, the biggest conservative mess in American history -- Iraq.

Yes... the chickens are coming home to roost. The much ballyhooed unstoppable conservative movement is in a crisis of its own making. They forgot how incredibly stupid they actually are, and that reality would inevitably catch up with their lies. Today, Waynesville, tomorrow...?

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