Tuesday, May 10, 2005


In April, every Republican member of the Senate except Arlen Spectre (R - Pennsylvania) voted against an ammendment to an emergency spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan that would have provided addtional funds for veteran's medical care. Every Democrat supported the amendment. See the post REPUBLICANS TO MILITARY VETERANS -- SCREW YOU! on this blog for details.

Now, in May, the trend continues. While our active duty soldiers and veterans continue to get the shaft, we are extremely happy to report that the Army has not forgotten to take care of our good friends at Hallburton. Despite audits that show Halliburton has routinely ripped off the taxpayers of this country, $72 million in BONUSES have been approved for this corporate nightmare.


While the monetary amounts here are different ($1 billion vs $75 million), I believe this latest corporate give away demonstrates how skewed our national priorities have become. The defense industry and related sub contractors are getting filthy rich in Iraq on the backs of our soldiers. That's OUR money and companies like Halliburton are getting bonuses for ripping us off, while our soldiers get defective body armor when the Army finally ships it to them. It is a disgusting and shameful national disgrace, but its all part of our new political ethos which rewards all things corporate, and suppresses all things human.

For more information on why Halliburton should be burned to the ground go here:


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