Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dennis Cancelled, Right Wing not Amusing


I saw this and thought that and thought it was a no-brainer. This latest incantation of the Dennis Miller show was simply just not funny. But why? The HBO Dennis Miller show was. They are both basically the same format with a couple of different writers.

Here is the big difference, when Dennis decided to host a “Right Wing” show he killed his audience. We liked him as independent skewering both sides. His brand of comedy leans heavily on elitist (sometimes Pompous) intellectual snobbery. This is inherently a trademark of the left. We on the left have the patent on elitist, intellectual snobbery. We dig it, we yearn for it.
We love being superior.

I feel like he had to dumb down his show to reach his core audience. Also, I have a feeling that he may have lost some good quality writers due to the subject matter.

And let’s face it, Republicans are just not funny people. There hasn’t been a Republican with a marketable sense of humor since Ronald Reagan (“Communism is illegal, Bombing will start in Five Minutes”—that’s some genius shit!). I’m sitting here trying to think of a funny Republican in the last 20 years. There are some who think they are funny. Go up and down the AM radio dial…show me funny. I mean like funny “ha-ha”

I’m waiting.

Dennis, you were funny till started pandering to the right. Your people don’t get you.


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Killing Joke said...

I was just in Michigan and some old fans would agree with you. They all think Dennis Miller stinks now.