Monday, May 09, 2005

Huffington vs. Drudge

As some may know Arianna Huffington got together with some liberal pals to put together "The Huffington Report"

Wow, so no shocker, the top headline at the Drudge Report today is

To save you some time, Nikke Finke does a hachet job as a self proclaimed "Hollywood Insider,"

She writes for the LA WEEKLY. Now every major city has their version of the LA WEEKLY. You know the one, it's the free rag at the 7-11 that tells you what bands are playing around town. Then it has one or two articles then it's real purpose...50-60 pages of ads for Hookers
and Coupons for Strip Clubs (which really help in those "thin" rent weeks, thanks guys!)

But in her defense, you can't be a "Hollywood Insider" without knowing a couple of whores.

She proclaims it a FAILURE, David Geffen didn't show up, the "only" people they could get were Larry David, John Cusack, Ellen DeGeneres, etc..

Uh, These are good people! I would kill to have these people at Crackpot Press, let alone on the first day. Im guessing half of America doesn't really know who David Geffen is. Who would you rather see on Larry King?

Anyways, since she works for Matt Drudge, you know the guy that scans healdines and links them to his site and calls himself a journalist, you gotta take it with a grain of salt.

I mean c'mon these guy have already claimed the Iraq war (1600 Americans Dead as of this weekend) and the first 100 days of "W"'s second term are a success (Aproval rating hoovers in the low 40's).

So my guess is that I'm not taking any stock tips from these folks.

Besides as any Hollywood Insider knows "It ain't over till business affairs calls."

Good luck Arianna, Welcome to the Web! Im glad you had a good first day.


cc: Nikki Finke (sounds like a made up stripper's name don't it)
Matt Drudge

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Arianna! Matt Drudge is a pathetic syncophant!