Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Et tu Janel

I am not really watching the Amber Frey movie on CBS.,.

It's on over there somewhere.

Janel... you are a mini-Alison Janney.. sexy and smart. I WAS in the process of hiring a hooker who looks like you a little... but not anymore! I am getting a drooper now.

And I am using my coupon I got from the desk clerk.

Who the hell talked you into doing an AMBER FREY movie....?

We like you on West Wing.... a hot girl that is a bundle of insecurities who finally find her voice.

You are not the average "flavor of the month" snackette. You are a really good actress.

YOu are better than this....Damn those who don't agree with me...they are morons.

Giles, Crackpot save me here...bring Crackpot Press back to the high journalistic standards we hold somewhat dear when we feel like it.. Whatever, it;s not my job tonight.

It's up to you to restore our street cred...

Giles, Talk about something important..

Daze Strange

P.S. Santiago is sweaty this time of yuear. You'd like it.

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