Friday, September 30, 2005

The Girls of Summer

The Girls of Summer are rapping up this weekend with The Honolulu Open. The top eight teams compete they are:

1. Misty Traenor-May/ Kerri Walsh
2. Elaine Youngs/ Rachel Wacholder
3. Holly McPeak/Jern Kessey
4. Tati Minello/ Mimi Marins
5. Tyra Wilson/Makare Turner
6. Dianne DeNecochea and Tammy Leibl
7. Carrie Busch and Leanne McSorley
8. Brooke Niles and Sarah Straton

Now everyone in the world is betting on a 1 vs. 2 championship match. However you cannot ignore the power of the #7 seed.

Bush/McSorley can take out Rachel and EY. They have had some close matches with them through out the year. However, Rachel Wacholder (AVP 2005 Most Improved and Star of Daily Kos BlogAds) and EY (AVP 2005 MVP) have had a monster year taking out the defending Gold Medalists 3 times. They got a lot of fight but if they don’t bring their A game or get sloppy Busch/McSorley could pull an upset.

Also the Brazillian Dynamic Duo Minello/Marins are always underanked. The biggest reason for that is that it costs a lot of cash to fly from Brazil to the various US tournaments. So they don’t play as many… they are the most serious threat against May/Walsh and Wacholder/EY.

Brooke Niles and Sarah Stanton will be taken out easily by May/Walsh.. but their inclusion alone into this tournament is a victory. Watch out for these two they are gonna be hell on earth next year… Niles could be the next year’s Wacholder.

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