Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm in Conneticut.

I am in Conneticut right now... and falling in love with it quite quickly.

Why do I live in Los Angeles?

I'm in the part of Conn that looks exactly like the postcard. I am sleeping in a 19th century canopy bed (which is surprisingly not "sissy" at all,) in my uncle's house that was built during the Jefferson Administration. It's right down the street from Nathan Hale elementary. Named that way because Nathan Hale used to teach there. It houses the country's oldest bell crafted in 815 AD. I am currently staring at the Conneticut River and it's truly an odd feeling to feeling to be surrounded by a world that I thought was LONG gone covered in concrete.

Any ways enough blogging for today.. I got to get back to the old world.

And I got a brand new Red Sox hat for $3.99!


totolehero said...

shit... i wish i was there ...

i'm so sick of this tall building, cars everywhere, working hard to pay the bill world...

i wanna be in a postcard damn it !!

sorry for the rant

enjoy it fully

Penny said...

Most of Canada is a post card.. but your card sounds especially nice.. I'm going to have to look into Conneticut, for a visit.