Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Where was Dick?

More than a handful of folks wondered "Where the Hell is Dick Cheney during that week when the Federal Government was doing a whollotta nuthink ?"

Some speculation has been:

A) He's fishing
B) He's dead/getting his third round of "Trust-T-Heart" implants.
C) He's enjoying a lovel cruise with Jeff Gannon.

All of these were untrue

We have discovered the reason why "Tricky Dick 2: The Boys are Back In Town" wasn't there.
While the people of New Orleans were losing their every possesion, Cheney couldn't get away... he was shopping for a mansion!

Near Old Man Rumsfeld's place.


Gracie Lou Freebush said...

I'm sorry, but that really is just sad. Mr. Cheny could not have prevented a hurricane from coming. And, last time I checked, he wasn't the head of FEMA. He also could not get in a canoe and paddle around the ruined city, that's just what we need, a dead VP.

Crackpot Press said...

No, but he could have put his house shopping on hold for a week to lend a hand to those who have lost theirs.