Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Michael Brown's Confirmation in the Senate

I've been searching all day to find the official vote of Michael Brown's confirmation hearing in the Senate. Don't be fooled by the feckless Democrats. I'm sure many of them didn't have the brass to vote NAY on his confirmation due to severe lack of experience. Now, everybody justly wants his head. I doubt Bush will ask for his resignation as that would place blame at the federal level which would contradict the latest GOP media blitz attempting to blame local New Orleans officials (i.e. liberals). But remember, this is not the time to play "the blame game" unless of course, you are Tom Delay who wants to blame everybody who isn't donating to his legal defense fund.

If anybody can help find that Senate vote let us know. I want to know who speaks with some authority here. If you voted to confirm this unexperienced clown you better not be slamming him now because you are as guilty as he his, maybe more, as you are elected officials.


totolehero said...

crackpot..i don't understand nothing about politics... so i'll just agree with everything you say and yell "YEAH.... DAMN IT !!! YEAH "

Crackpot Press said...

That is an EXCELLENT philosophy!

Wish more women thought like you!

totolehero said...

i know.. i'm la femme ideale!!!