Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Art of the Flake

In Los Angeles, it is sort of a given that actor's are a flaky breed. They flake for no apparant reason. In fact in Los Angeles, "I Flaked" is an acceptable excuse for not showing up.

"Why didn't you come to my wedding?"

"I Flaked"


If you try in LA people's will put up their profile's specifically mentioning "NO ACTORS"

Sure this is a bigotted broad generalization, but it's about 90% true.

The flake factor is an epidemic throughout many different occupations.. Actors have made flaking part of "their craft."

Case in Point, I live in the San Fernando Valley, a place to where none of your friends will come visit you. The ones in Hollywood or West Hollywood would rather take the 45 minute trip to Santa Monica rather than making the 10 minute drive over the hill. Granted this is fact. I should know better and just fucking move. After all, Santa Monica does have a beach.

But in the meantime, I need to find fun daytime weekend activities. Most of my friends can't get out of bed before the crack of dusk anyways. I'm riding around on my bike, and I see this banner. "Shakespeare in the Park" Saturday, Sunday 4-6. Okay this sounds amusing. Even if they suck, a hour or so in the Park on a beaut of an autumn afternoon would be nice. Maybe meet some nice folks. Valley Folks... people I can hang out with outdoors on the weekends.

I can't make the Saturday performance so I cruise on over on Sunday. I get there and there's no one there. No Actors, no silly pretentious wannabes who realize that Mamet could kick Shakespeares ass (literally) any day they call a cage match.

Gimme "Mamet in the Park" (or Mam-AY for the jagovs in the room)
Just me and the banner.

We made sweet love.


totolehero said...

i saw midsummer night's dream last summer in the cemetary.. i had a great time... too bad you were the only one there....

Crackpot Press said...

That sounds really cool...Admittedly I was about 15 minutes late...