Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Strippers with a heart of Gold.

So I get some shit for frequenting a topless sports bar near my house.

But that is from the folks who don't understand.

Five TV's carrying every sporting event
$3 beers during their daily happy hour (from 2-6)
No Lap Dances.
And on top of that they are fun gals...
They just want to drink beer and watch sports at the bar.
Like guys with Hotness.... Topless only.. and some great stage acrobatics..

Tonight at the Stargarden, North Hollywood.. something good is going on.

As you know usually strippers are "going to law school" so keep your filhty paws off or I will sue your ass. That's for stupid strippers.

No...these strippers are in promising local bands. And surprise... they are GOOD.

So all of them have gotten together to throw a rockin show 7 bands, one night.... all proceeds (yes, even that buck you throw on the stage) are going to the Red Cross for Katrina victims.

7 bucks to get in. 5 bucks if you know the password.. which is "Red"

Im going later on.. more to follow... One thing I can guarantee... they will raise more cash than "Focus on the Family" who are asking folks to donate "prayers" .... that always put food on my table. That always re-built my house.

For that matter... they will raise more money tonight.. than Cheney, Skeezah, and Bush will personally donate.

So I guess the goal is more than $100.


totolehero said...

THAT IS FUCKING AWESOME !!!! it melts my heart!!

The Humanity Critic said...

There is nothing like titties for a good cause..lol Great post.

Crackpot Press said...

My favorite performance by a local band, "Shithead" who perormed an awesome version of "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg"