Thursday, September 08, 2005

We're taking Preprations!

Here is a picture of our President at work for a Hurricane.

This meeting took place prior to a Florida hurricane. Jeb's there, George is there and Michael Brown is there (head to the back of the camera)

There was no such meeting prior to the recent Hurricane.

This is on the White House site


nedhead said...

Thank the good Lord that Laura was there. She was in charge of making muffins for all the soon to be homeless people.

totolehero said...

they look so posed.... it's hilarious !!!

Crackpot Press said...

Acutally I don't think the muffins made it, Cheney went all Homer Simpson on them.

tonalead said...

come on. how can you blame one person for all this. it's total bullshit. and if clinton was there, your mouth would be shut and you know it! yes, bush failed on many levels, but it is not all his fault. there were people at the state and local levels also who were even more at fault. where does it say under the duties of a president that he has to take care of flood damage. it's really not his job. yes, he should have sent the troops in on day 2. yes he should have been there himself on day 2. yes, the republicans shouldn't have cut funding for the levees. but if they did all that, the problem still would not have been avoided. plus, dumbfucks, they've been told that for 25 years new orleans would be destroyed in a serious hurricane. it's your risk if you live there. will people shed a tear if you choose to live near a toxic dump? or an earthquake prone area? stop playing the blame card and the political card. and certainly, what have you done?????

Crackpot Press said...

Usually Republicans just make me laugh with their self-absorbed idiocy.

You arean exceptional asshole. I live in an EARTHQUAKE PRONE ZONE. I made it throught the Pasadena Quake of 1987, the World Series Quake, the Northridge Quake and four other major quakes (I've lived all over California). Not to mention the numerous fires I have endured. Shit, I don't even get out of bed for anything bigger than 6.0. Shit happens, how we deal with it defines us.

Okay congrats! Ya got a rise out me. Wait til Giles reads your bullshit. Then you are done. That boy takes no prisoners. I'm the nice one on the blog.

What have I done, mutherfucker?

Let's see:

Me Personally here in California 2-3000 miles away.... This is what I have done.

Contributed to two fundraiser with cash.
I am in the process of donating 100 backpacks and other items to school children who have been displaced and are suddenly moving to Los Angeles.
My mother, a reformed Republican, has also contributed two large boxes of clothing.

Not bad, considering this has only been going on for a week or so.

Now let's look at RIGHT vs. LEFT.. in fact let's do a scoreboard... it seems to be what your are asking for you small man, who if you were in my toilet I wouldn't bother to flush.
50,000 people are opening their homes to strangers who have been displaced.

Focus on the Family
has asked for donations and prayers

Al Gore
On Sept 4 charted two private aircrafts to get people outta there

George Bush
Did some photo ops.

Shit, Dick Cheney wouldn't even cancel his fishing trip for this. Condi Rice was buying shoes.

Shit if Clinton had been in charge the response would have been overwhelming. Ya know why... regardless that Clinton did some fucked up shit when he was president...

He loved people. Didn't matter if they voted for him or not. Didn't matter if they didn't vote at all.

What have the Republicans done?

Let me show you the difference between the left and the right.

LEt's say you live in 100 unit apartment complex and don't really know any of your neighbors. You seem them at the mailboxes from time to time, smile in the elevator.

You see them trying to fix a flat in the parking garage:

Lefty: Helps them change the tire.
Righty: Call his buddy at Firestone and tells them to raise the rates.

Crackpot Press said...

Oh and it pisses me off that the R's can shut down the entire government for one dead woman.

Yet can't mobilize to save lives.

tovictory said...

giles is a whimp. and if you really believe the left is as pure as you say, let me know the next time george clooney steps out of his car and helps you change a flat. you should get out more.