Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Donations

I work with Kids who have diabetes. We all pitch in and throw
a great free event where we teach Type-1 kids confidence
courses. Type 1 adults helpingout Type 1 kids.

The Events of this week have had a profound impact on
me. The image of the person standing on the roof with the
handpainted message "DIABETIC, PLEASE HELP" is erasable, seared.

At the end of the day, we give each kid a back pack
filled with fun stuff.

I am the guy that scores the free stuff. I overshot this year
and have a surplus of 100 or so backpacks, some water bottles,
baseball hats, t-shirts etc. All of these things have been
living under my kitchen table for the last couple of months.

I got a feeling someone who has been recently displaced
could use a backpack and a water bottle.

I have a Salvation Army here in Los Angeles, but I want
this stuff to go to the people, not end up in
some Thrift Shop.

I don't know where to drop it off.

Any ideas?

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